[color blue]CYBER RELAXATION???[/color]  

man4romanticfun 76M
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8/28/2006 11:38 am
[color blue]CYBER RELAXATION???[/color]

lots of people focused on the cyber sex thing -- if cyber sex works for you, why not cyber relaxation??
Did you ever think about just sitting on the couch, putting on some mellow music, and lying your head on a pillow in my lap??

I might run my fingers gently along the curve of your eyebrows, smooth your hair gently up and away from your face. Gently touch your forehead with my lips.

Slowly touch from the corner of your eyes back to your temples and over the top of your ears -- taking your hair with me on the journey.

Reach under your hair and slowly massage the back of your neck -- run my fingers slowly from the sides of your nose, across your cheeks to the sides of your neck, under your earlobes, and all the way to the back of your neck again.

Can you imagine it? Can you feel it? Can you fantasize something besides sexual touching? Sure you can! as I gently slide my arms under your shoulders and pull you up to my chest for a gentle 'good night' hug and another brush of my lips on your forehead.

Can you get into it? Can you take a feeling of relaxation, protection, safety, and caring to bed with you?

Sure you can! Find a good partner, and try it some time.

Guys -- it works for you too. Not every day ends with wild passionate sex. We all need days that end in comfort and satisfaction of other kinds too.

What do you think? Can you? Would you?

Take care and have fun,

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