Just wishful thinking but, nice just the same.  

man2womanrls 58T
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4/3/2006 8:59 am
Just wishful thinking but, nice just the same.

Finding a man who lives in a nice remote area who relocates me to there only for all his sexual fantasies he can dream up for me. He keeps me on a leash and collar like an animal, chains and shackles like a prisoner with footlocks and wrist restraints.

He sees me only as his property, my mouth and ass hole is his pleasure room and my body is his play land of extacy. He always wear uniforms that represent a profession or career according to his mood at that time. When ever he has male friends over, he puts my body in a 1 piece clear latex suite with a hood over my head and suspends me in a face down position to where I can only face forward in his fully stocked and setup training room.

I am suspended in a position to where he and his friends can use me to thier hearts content without moving me. He also forces me to tongue bathe boots, gloves and what ever other latex, spandex, rubber or leather attire he and his male friends maybe wearing.

Just a fantasy so, don't go nutso on me ok?

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