is it a regretful decision??  

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9/1/2006 7:56 am
is it a regretful decision??

well this happened a month ago at my friend's party as my buddy is goin 2 australia for further studies n as a guest,i came down to his place n god wat a party he had made for us.Good food n drinks plus other guests includin me havin a great time n after the party, i relaxed 4 a moment n my buddy asked me whether im free tonite n i looked at him sheepishly n asked,"why do u ask??"He looked around n whispered to me that he was goin to have a orgy party for remembrance!I was stunned I asked him coldly,"r u okay or r u for real??"He juz gave me a smile n nodded...So which type of gals that yer invitin n whos goin to stay?" i continually asked.he juz said 2 of the other guys including him n the way he looked,he was tryin to ask me to join the fun.Now i got a dilemma,Should i or not??Then i got a weird feelin as im not in the mood n i dun know y.After the party 2 chinese ladies came n the dresses they wore really made our hearts go boinks,seeing their good assets plus my little bro goin uprite like a rocket!!I said to him,"jim(not his real name),r u sure this is the 1?Well anyway,i cant stand too long as im workin 2morrow.By a way thnks for the party n invitin me."He looked hard at me n asked whether im really not goin to stayover.I told him yah n im dead tired(this is juz an xcuse)He said ok n i told him have fun then.He said he will So 2wks later,another friend called me n i asked how was the orgy party,he said it was great n they had the best blowjob done on them n blah,blah,blah u know watz next !then i juz thoughtfully,damn am i stupid enuff to follow my heart as this was a chance of a lifetime but i threw it away Then in the middle of the conversation,he told me somthing that shocked me!!He said that 1 of them had been hit by ""STD"!!i was shocked n asked him who but he nvr told me n told me to forget it.I questioned him how did it hit 1 of them so fast??He said he did not know..... So wat do u think of the story n wats yer view on this situation...

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