How to waste your time  

makey0upregnant 49M
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8/3/2006 1:55 pm
How to waste your time

Some years back I started on another local site. The friends list grew and they liked reading rhymes and notes. Chatting was quite quick; at times every minute replies would be exchanged. That was fast rhyming indeed.

Suddenly, without prior warning, my profile got deleted. Mails and friend list were not accessible. What a waste of time to lose your acquaintances and friends this way ...

They would never tell why and they couldn't have done either. The only line was "violating our terms" without the slightest hint what this violation should have been.

Somebody disliked something and pressed the red button. Shoot and kill. Never accept a complain once the shot. No reason is needed except that somebody feels uneasy without having to tell why.

Then I came to this site and started blogging. The friends circle grew and reached 350. The blog was among the most visited. Sometimes, when I was less active, that would reduce. When activity restarted, the blog was visited much again.

Then, two days back, without any note, email, without explanation and of course without any warning my internet connctions were shot dead once more. When I wanted to log in, it was rejected.

No email to my address. No hint what had gone wrong. No reply to my mails. Why should they reply to a "dead" identity? Shoot and kill. Don't tell why. Never explain anything.

That's the way things are done in the wild west called internet.

What a waste of time. Should the same happen again just when the friends' network of some of the many sites has grown again and it's starting to get nice?

Maybe this blog and profile gets killed too, soon, for talking about such matters.

Why waste my time if all will be lost without prior warning suddenly some time in the future? There'll be always somebody getting upset for an untold reason pressing the red button as they can afford to do so.


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