Things are never easy  

majordomobilly 49M
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6/10/2006 12:09 pm
Things are never easy

Lord, why do things have to be so messed up at times. SO I respond to a personal add on a different website (C. The woman in question is looking for sex NSA but has a preferance for someone who is magickal/mystical. Not a problem as I happen to fit into that category. We talk for a while and decide to meet for fun. And it was fun, very enjoyable. In fact, she is the most prolific squirter I have ever encountered. Well the downside comes about with the fact that she has decided to have feelings for me. More feelings than I am comfortable with by far. To further complicate matters during our discussions before meeting I also had a chance to be talking with a friend/student of hers. As it turns out her friend and I have a lot more in common with each other. A LOT. And so yes I am developing feelings for her friend and her friend is developing them for me also.
There is nothing wrong at all with NSA relationships. Provided that they remain NSA for everyone involved. In my current situation that didn't happen and because of that I find myself in an uncomfortable situation. I mean I really don't want to be a reason for a friendship to fail. But being honest with myself I am so much more interested in the friend that if their friendship fails because of me, oh well. It wasn't me who's feeling changed.
So yeah, maybe I am a callous bastard for thinking this way. Lord oh Lord, what is a man to do???

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