Finding BAST  

majordomobilly 49M
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3/6/2006 9:29 pm
Finding BAST

Some of you may be aware of who Bast is, but most who read this probably will not be. So a very quick description.... Egyptian Cat Goddess. She can be many different things to different people. Even to me she has meant different things at different times and stages in my life. But no matter how far I stray from Her I always find myself coming back. And each time I wonder why I strayed in the first place. I have recently been given a chance to delve deeper into Her mysteries and am now confronted with some deep soul searching about my rediness to do so. I have always felt comfortable in Her embrace, but as I have left it from time to time I question my worthiness to go deeper. Perhaps those who know and understand Bast can offer some friendly words and gentle guidance to me. Even the solitary feline has times that he wishes he had a place to truly call home......

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