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8/22/2006 2:16 pm

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9/2/2006 4:49 pm


Ever been so angry that you're at a complete loss for words? I didn't think it was possible for me to be this mad at anything. I was already ticked from spending the night in a sleeping bag on the floor, severely overtired, and cranky from being more than a little sick, just the right frame of mind for a performance review.
And here comes the list:

1. I'm only a 15 year veteran of the industry, but none of the 20+ extra unpaid hours a week I've been working count because I did them out of the office and nobody was there to micromanage me and make sure I was productive .
2. The four overnight work sessions I was asked to do in a row didn't rate a mention, but the one time I made a mistake programming a piece of equipment in the last 6 months gets a prominent place on the negative list.
3. Apparently my attitude still isn't satisfactory. Well duh. Nobody would ever consider the option that the job might be the problem.
4. And now I get the great news about my increase. 4%. FOUR PERCENT!!! ARGH! Lovely, I was $35000 under the bottom of the range for my job, I'm now only $33000 under the bottom of the range. Yeehaa. And then they tell me how valuable I am to them.

As soon as I can arrange to support myself otherwise, I'm out of there, immediately. Let's see how they like running a 6 person department with only 3 people.

I knew it was such a mistake to go to work for someone else.


I Wanna Pull Purpletrashcan's Fucking Hair!

bustybettyboop 51F  
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9/2/2006 12:16 pm

i'm so sorry! hang in there! everything will work out somehow!!! hugz,busty

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rm_mainevern replies on 9/2/2006 4:17 pm:
Thanks Lis, you know I appreciate you lots. . (attaches one single perfect red rose)

Looks like I might have this problem nailed, I think I'll have a job offer in the next 2 weeks of almost 2x what I'm making now. Now if i could just get the bad stuff down to one thing at a time (had a death in the family Friday ).


blackleather2006 52M/50F

8/23/2006 7:00 pm

I will keep you in my thoughts - I know what it's like to work in a company that doesn't appreciate you but you need at least some money to live on so you can't afford to quit - been there done that and FINALLY had it up to my eyeballs with them that I did quit and was homeless and unemployed for three months...

But everything happens for a reason! Hang in there Hun! I will be thinking of you.....


PS Thanks for visiting my blog

rm_mainevern replies on 8/23/2006 8:16 pm:
Thanks for the kind and calm words . I know that I've got to hang with it a while longer, but my biggest focus now is getting a place to jump to as far away from these turkeys as I can.
Between this thing upsetting me and being way overstressed, I need a good venting. I've never been officially homeless, but I maybe got a small taste of it and that was way more than enough for me.

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