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For some reason this post is called OVER

Nora had brought her to my room, with the understanding that she was ready for sex. We asked her if she wanted Nora to stay but she said “not this time” so Nora left, leaving her alone with me.
I sat next to her on the loveseat, with my arm around her shoulders, my hand resting lightly on her breast, just to make clear what we were there for.

“Do you know why Nora brought you here?”
“Why? Tell me.”
“For sex.”
“Tell me more, sex is right, but it is a little vague. What do you expect?”
“Really anything or everything.”
“How would you like to start”
“I would like you to take over and order me to do things?”
“Like what.”
“Sexy things you like.”
“Anything excluded?”
“Well, no pain, nothing anal”
“OK, I can go along with that. Why don’t you show me your tits? Do you mind if I use that word, or do you prefer breasts?”
“No, call them tits; I like it better when you use dirty words.”
“You like what better?”
“Having sex.”
“OK, your buttons are undone; now remove your bra, so I can see you.”
“How about this, it opens in front.”
“Very nice, I like your hard pink nipples and your areola.”
“They always get hard when I think about it.”
“About what?
“About getting undressed for a man, and about sex, and fucking.”

”Would you like me to play with them?”
“I was hoping you would. That’s why I wore this kind of bra.”
“Let me suck your nipples.”
“Please, I always get so turned on by that.”
“Mmmmm, mmmm.”
“I also have my special panties on.”
“I suppose that means you want me to spread my legs.”
“Now you can feel all of me, all the way up under my skirt. Feel how wet my panties are already, and you haven’t even touched them yet.”

My hand was moving under her skirt, feeling her legs spreading, giving me room to explore her thighs, find her panties. She was wet all right, her panties were and her pussy hair was too.
“You must want it real bad, to be so wet.”
“Want what?”
“I need it, Scott, it’s been a while.”
“What’s a while?”
“Three weeks.”
“How often do you want it?”
”Every day if I can.”
“We have some catching up to do.”
“Catch me up, Jack, catch me up real good.”
“Especially here,” I said, fingering her pussy through her panties.
“Especially there.”
“Do you play with yourself?”
“Most every night, but it’s not the same as with a man.”
“Do you have a toy?”
“I have a vibrator and when I use it I imagine it is a man’s cock.”
“What does that man’s cock do?”
”What you are doing now with your fingers.”
“And then?”
“It rubs my clit and goes inside my vagina and rubs my clit again.”
“Your vagina?”
“OK, my hot dirty cunt.”
“Is that how you think about it?”
“Especially when I am having sex or thinking about it. When I am having sex I am nothing but a hot dirty cunt wanting a hot dirty cock.”

I was rubbing her clit through her panties.

“Do you like this?”
“Oh yes, but I would like it better if you felt my cunt directly.”
“Show it to me first.”
“I thought you’d never ask.”

She pulled up her skirt and I saw between her widely spread legs, her pussy hidden by a pair of tiny panties.

“You look very sexy this way. Let me see you hot dirty cunt please.”
“Nobody ever said please before, I like that.”

She pushed her panties aside and used her fingers to spread her lips apart.

“Is that where you want it?”
“Want what?”
“My hot dirty cock.”
“Are you going to fuck me? Goody! Nora said you would only suck me.”
“What would you rather?”
”Right now I am ready to be fucked.”
“OK, get on the bed please, I’ll be ready in a jiff.”
While I undressed she said: “I would like a dirty fuck.”
“How is that?”
“That’s where I do not take anything off, only my shoes, and show just my cunt and my tits so you can take me raw.”
“You want to be ravished by a naked guy!”
“Right, no mercy, no tenderness, just your hard cock moving inside me.”

I still had my shirt on, but I jumped her as she was lying there the way she had described. My cock was nuzzling her pussy.

“Put it where it is supposed to go, you slut.”
“I like that, I like imagining I am slut when I am getting it.”
“And quit imagining, you are a real slut. Getting what, slut?”
“Getting a cock, getting fucked by a good cock, like yours, filling my dirty cunt.”
“It’s not even in there and already you are talking slutty.”
“But I can hardly wait. My pussy is ready for it.”
“Put it where you want it then.”

She had no trouble finding my cock and pointing it at the love hole of her pussy. I slid in easily and was rewarded by a satisfied moan.

“Give it to me, hard.”

I pounded her and was rewarded with another moan.

“Right there, fuck me with it, just take me like I’m just a slut, here for you to fuck .”
“You are a slut and I am fucking you, feeding you my cock, using your dirty cunt.”

I rammed it in her a few more times, and heard her moan louder.

“I need that, need your cock in me, doing me. Use me, make me beg for it.”
“Beg for what, you slut?”
“Beg for your cock to use my cunt, to fuck me.”

I stopped fucking her, my cock just outside her, just touching her.

“Beg, you slut.”
“Please what?”
“Please put your cock back inside my cunt.”
“Why would I do that?”
“Because you want to use me as your slut.”
“Good guess, you slut, here it comes.”

I pumped back into her, felt her cunt muscles contract around me.

“Yes, like that, it’s so good. Fuck your no-good slut.”
“Take it bitch, all you want is cock, don’t you?
“Yes, cock and more cock, make me come, make me your filthy whore.”
“Feel my cock, you whore, I am taking you like the good-for-nothing slut you are, only good for fucking.”
“So fuck me, I am here for you, my legs spread, my cunt wide open, gripping your cock, use me for what you want.”
“What do you think I want?”
“I think you want to fuck me till you come inside me.”
“What do you want?”
“For you to use me.”
“How, you cunt?”
“Be selfish, fuck me like you would a whore, come inside me.”
“And you?”
“Don’t think of me, just use me, fuck me, make me give you my cunt and take me.”
”You are a whore, aren’t you?”
“I would like to be, I fantasize about always having a cock ready to take me, ram into me. Yes, like that, fuck me hard, I am just a cunt for you.”
“You are just a slutty whore, just a cunt for my cock to fuck.”
“You’re right, that’s all I am, fuck me, please, fuck me, I am a hot-cunt whore.”
“My cock needs you, slut, open your cunt as wide as you can.”
“Tell me more.”
“You’re nothing but a slut whore, giving your cunt to my cock to fuck you.”
“Fuck me, fuck my cunt, let me feel your cock fucking me.”
“You’re just a cunt for me, a place to empty my cock, nothing but a slut getting another fuck.”
“If only I could have you every day, be with you and show you my cunt and beg for your cock.”
“Beg now, whore.”
“Please take my cunt, fuck me with your cock, let me have your come. Please.”
“Do you feel my cock?”
“Yes, I feel it inside my cunt, moving in and out, fucking me.”

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