party cont.  

maidservice4u 39M/36F
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8/28/2006 8:14 am
party cont.

i get dressed, struggling to conceal my cock in the tight frilly panties and make my way to the kitchen. Im told to make some sandwiches and pour out some glasses of wine for our arriving guests. The doorbell rings which Im told to answer which i do, placing some of the sandwiches on the table on the way. I let in our first arrival, they don't seem supprised by my atire, and i take their coat and show them to the lounge. i hang up the coat and offer a drink which is accepted. It is about 20 mins befor all the guests (6) have arrived and settled. i'm told to get some more food and top up the drinks, most of the glasses are on the table but one is on the floor which i fill up, bending at the waist only, showing my frilly arse to half of the people in the room. when the snacks are finished im told to clear up, clean the table then wash up.
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