maid to party  

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6/24/2006 9:33 am
maid to party

if you had a maid(male or female) happy to to any duties required what would you plan and how would you treat them?
I (andy)fantasize of losing a bet to a woman and being maid to serve her at a party she is holding with her female friends.
She would tell her friends they can do anything and ask me to do anything. On my arrival she would show me to the kitchen where food and drink is laid out ready for me to serve then tell me i need to change and lead me up to the bedroom. Laid out on the bed is a silky black maids dress, white hat and apronblack suspender belt and stockings and black panties with red frills. she tells me that if she sees me with a hard cock at any point she will bend me over and spank me, i'm then sent to the bathroom to strip to be able to put on my uniform. When i return naked she looks me over then cups my balls and strokes my cock which instantly springs up, then she forces a vabrating cock ring on telling me it is remote control to which they all have access. Pointing out my erection she tells me to go to the bed spread me legs and bend over to lean on the bed for my 1st spanking which she duely delivers. As she leaves the room she tells me to put my uniform on the go down and serve drinks.


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