July 2nd!  

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7/2/2006 6:30 pm

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July 2nd!

Well, I have been living in Calgary for about 2 and a half months now and it has been *REALLY* interesting for me! First off, I don't like the homeless life! And finding a job that will accept me as a guy turning into a girl is no big picnic either! I had one of the hardest times trying to find a group that would know what to do about transitioning for transexuals.

I arrived in Calgary roughly on April 20th and stayed at the Radisson in Hotel Village for a night. Then, I ending up finding the Salvation Army's shelter near downtown. Guess what; they wouldn't store my 6 pieces of luggage for me!!! I ended up putting four pieces in storage in Inglewood. then, I was to wait for 4pm to *see* if I got on the list for entry from the waiting list. I one-upped by coming back at 3:30 and *ahem* reminding them of my presence. I was in!

After settling in, I started doing temp work to earn enough money to pay into my Calgary Sun ad for escorting. It is alot harder to do that off of the meager earnings made from back-breaking temp work in ill fittings work boots while paying for the habits of the moochers I live with! Then there was the roommate who came home drunk one night (against the rules at the shelter), said he was hopping the wall (leaving the premises without permission after bed check), and would beat me up if I "ratted" on him. I don't care what you're under the influence of; I only care about my safety! Crack smoking in my presence usually leaves my with heart palpitations and anxiety about my heart exploding so that and threatening me mentally or physically I have no patience for.

I got moved to the 3rd floor. I now had blisters on my feet that took 8 days to heal before I could get back to work and on my feet (in more ways than one!) After I got back on my feet, I started chasing down resources for TSing and *some* temp work *only* to pay for day to day expenses. - I have given up on escorting because I need the time, money for the ad and for the cell phone minutes.

I eventually met CHIRON_RISING and things started to pick up for me. I found out there were the SAIT campus' Unity and UofC's GLASS for Gay, Lesbian, Bi, and Ts! Also, GLSCA for the same thing but all for Calgary and independant of learning campuses. At GLSCA, they have the first and third friday of each month dedicated to TG/TS issues and peer support as well as Illusions Calgary - for TGers! At the same time, I found out my shrink could not do what I needed to do and is in the process of getting me the help I need to get onto the prescriptions of hormones I need! I also looked into the cost of my prescriptions to pay alone (without health care) and it came to $160 a month, then found out that Alberta Health Care covers it because TSing is part of the treatment for Gender Identity Disorder - a mental illness.

That brings us pretty much up to date! I have a list of physicians who are taking new patients and a list of endocrinologists to hunt through. I have to get a full-time job before the 17th. And I think I may know of a pharmacy in China Town that will allow me to get my hormones without a prescription! - I hope. -_-


2curious4it5 57M

8/20/2006 12:11 am

Just keep pluging away at it, You'll find what you need. If there's anything I can try and help you with let me know and I'll see what I can do

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