Romainians, ASDA and a car wash.  

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2/5/2006 6:18 pm

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Romainians, ASDA and a car wash.

Ok so my car is now very grotty due to the mud from a humpback bridge incident and a police chase that i didnt realise i was in.

Please read the preceeding blogs for the funny back story.

so i took the car for a wash. £12 it was for a mini valet. i ill have that.

The company i took it to are called ARC. They are proud to be the largest car wash company in the world.

I reckon its a front for trafficing Romainians through Europe.

So after responding to a series of "Kay? El Car Washo"

Thats probably not real Romainian. Anyway. the car came out of the wet was. i was asked to get out while they hoovered.

so i did. I took the keys and went to ASDA.

ASDA is basically the cheapest shop that can afford TV advertising. Think of it as ALDI with clothes.

Basically it poo. Once in there. - I was in the Basildon ASDA so its even worse - Once i was in there, you become surrounded by chavs buying their weekly load of SoapStar mags.

Ewwwe. I felt awkward. So i ran out of ASDA, evading the boy racer cruisers waiting to pick up their Chantelles in the car park to go get my motor from the Romainians.

They wernt happy.

I had taken the keys with me.


riiiiiight i thought in my head. (thats where i do my thinking).

i paid, got in the car and fled.

By the way, they give you a little smelly tree that dangles from your rear view mirrior.

Morall: ASDA = POO
ARC = GOOD although a bit immoral because of the trafficing.

ciao, Rem x

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