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5/30/2005 1:14 am

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slideshow of flesh

I never saw you before, only in hungry dreams
With hungry eyes, and reaching arms that never seems to grasp
Air Or a single grain of hair
My vision of you has been trained by
A multiple featured, easy-to-configure manual slideshow of flesh
Images of you are automatically preloaded
And can each be set to hyperlink to a distinct cell in my brain.

The hair on your head is thick, lush and black
It doesn't need much care
It sits still on top of the head sometimes
Waiting for a gust of wind to make waves
And dart like a Raven through a wind storm
Your eyes are blue and trap with youth
Fill with that glistening glow of hopes and dreams
Blue eyes accommodating images of different dimensions
Blue eyes that closes from the pressure of my lips.
As you effort to keep from shivering.

Your forehead, nose, and jaws are prominent, inherited genes
Under my finger tips, a young tender flesh blush
And rise to meet my own, eagerness
My tongue traced a smooth path over the right jaws and the forehead
I can taste the fluid from your mind,
The residue sits still on the tip of my tongue
Images of us are animated in from the left part of your face
a translucent effect applied during the process.

Your lips are red and soft
Not like an apple, but more like gracious pillows
Like passion whispered through the tears of laboured love
Your lips are red and soft like men, and women, like sex and orgasms.
Images of you and me, hands and feet, are gently faded into view
Your neck is handsome and proud
It sits above your shoulders
Not by fault, but by nature,
It sits fast as if having a nonexclusive relationship with the torso
Diving straight up, as if looking for direction
I can see small wrinkles form
right below the Adam's apple as you turn your head
Then just for a second your head bows down to greet your feet
Or perhaps just pausing between.

Your shoulders are wide and broad
As if sculpted by a great big hands
Perhaps you could be a climber, the mountain Mount Everest.
The shoulders sit above the torso, just below the neck
As if the two were discussing
the relative details of their sexual organs
Muscles, bones, tendons
veins wrapped under the fragile blanket of skin
Showcasing human anatomy in three dimension
Your torso is strong and rippled with muscles and salt
The four requirements of me
It looks much better than a human statue
More like literature, a great book
That simulates a page being turned to reveal characteristics in action.

Your ass and pubic area sits still and firm in all that flesh
Hidden in the midst of Mountains that rise and part
Using the torso background as canvas for rotating erection into view
I used my hands as paint brushes, with strokes ever so lightly
The texture and shape changes with constant pacing of my fingers
The skin is ripe and bloomed fresh goose bumps
Still your pubic area sits still and firm
Your toes are nice and cuddly
There's much to laugh about there
It is willing and responsive and starving for attention.
Again a genetic inheritance, I don't mind the toes
They are adoring, and soft, like me, and lacking perfection
I will kiss your eyes again, and you will wake up
Gradually you will begin to see the beauty of yourself through my eyes
Is my vision of you, true?

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