The splash behind my throat  

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5/26/2005 2:54 am

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The splash behind my throat

Oh god! I gasped, standing there in the middle of the mall
He is beautiful, everything I ever wanted
I closed my eyes, as I thought it was just a dream
But then as soon as I open them, he was standing before me
Calling me, enticing me, magnetizing me
Offering me everything he had so precious inside
I opened up my dreams and find him walking within them
His soul touching mine, knowing my darkest desire, call hunger pain.

Understanding how much I needed him
I closed my eyes and felt him reaching out to me
Soon there after I couldn’t resist his sweet and erotic-like taunting of me
I swiftly ran to his arms, and joined our hearts together,Forever.
I stood there as the mall crowd looks on
But I couldn’t care less, for they couldn’t understand that for the last 6 hours it was for him that I waited. His bright eyes pierce through me ever so gentle,His lips smiled at me, as I catch my breath.

Lost in him, and his one of a kind beauty
Wanting this moment to last, and last
I quickly reached deep to the bottom of my purse, and within its contents found fifty cents
A second later my fingers had found their way to that hard dark cold body of his.

my fingers shaking, but I could not help it, as I quickly and forcibly trust my Fifty cents deep inside him, again, and again I trust And pushed as hard as I could, on his number 8 that spell twinkie. Waiting for him to come, to give me what I needed, right there, and forced a crouwded mall to our as we seduced each.

I waited in great expectancy, and anticipation
I walked with him in dream land, a place where feelings never change
As I stood there hearing his moan, and screams
Like falling, embracing his great big arms or huge black mouth,
My fingers again began to shake, thinking of the moment when I would feel him on my finger tips, my lips, inside me,and feel his splash deep behind my throat
His face, his darling face, the face that says my name
Buy as I wait, for his approached I was soon disappointed,
Because all I saw in front of me, was his Oreo cookie, his snicker bars, and his Nacho chips feeling the anger rising inside me, I furiously pushed, and pushed that little button that says Twinkie, but all that came was more Oreo cookies, more snicker bars, and his nacho chips
You big monster I yelled! To that monster snack machine
Take back your snicker bars, and your nasty nacho chips, and give me back my fifty cents.

Separated, but together we remained walking towards another SNACK MACHINE.

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