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6/14/2005 2:52 am

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His skin was 199%

but then the temperature dropped. The sun, and clouds darkened. I looked up at the blackness and couldn't see the million stars, he had promised me before this day.

The world was coming to an end, the moment, but we had not the time to wrap ourselves in metal words of love and naked flesh. My heart was all he had. This day, and for ever.

Upon his departure of my abscence he shed a tear for me, because I could not.

I left Him at the beach, with the key just as the sky eclipse in its multi-colored vision, atomic fury and a thousand kilometres of space.
The million stars scattered before me, in a wishful thinking where there were no flesh, no tears in the void to comfort me.

In an eclipse, and a frech kiss I was gone, gone from this moment, in a eclipse, no joy in the void to comfort me.

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