Multi orgasm's  

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5/9/2005 5:13 am

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Multi orgasm's

His favourite body part was her enormous 34DD
Breasts. She kept her pubic area shaved because he
Liked it that way. They experimented with
Vibrators, mild bondage, anal sex,
But she preferred oral sex followed by straight sex.

He had great staying power while she
Was multi-orgasmic. She contributed to his staying
Power because of her excessive lubrication. She would
Get so excited and wet that her juices would literally
Drip onto the floor. This made for tremendously intense
And passionate sex for both and a four-week abstinence
Left her horny, wanting, and wet.

They both sat with their parents at the dinner table
As the parents got to know each other better
His hand drifted under her skirt.

When his fingers lightly brushed her cunt lips, she
sucked air in quickly. He wormed his middle finger
between her swelling cunt lips and quickly found her
erect clit. He began a tantalizing massage, lightly
flicking the hard bud. She licked her lips and shifted
closer in response to his touch. The made came to
take their order and He easily slid his finger inside
her warm cunt and slowly moved it in and out. She
could feel her face blush as the waiter asked her for
her order.

Before she could answer he inserted another finger
causing her to gasp again. She moaned as she felt the
flood of juices release from her cunt. He could feel
the results of his fingers as the slick fluid flowed
from her cunt and cover his fingers.

She looked up and saw that her father-in-law was watching
The cleavage between her breasts now exposed by Mark. She was
was slightly embarrassed, but so excited she had no
desire to conceal the view.

She no longer thought about her father-in-law watching or anything else
as the intensity of her orgasm overwhelmed her. She
continued to beg to be fucked not caring that her parents
and mother-in law had left the room, and the father-in-law had stayed to watched his son in action.

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