My Imagination at Work Again  

madkitten 55F
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9/30/2005 6:34 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

My Imagination at Work Again

This was a fantasy I wrote before I took part in my playdate last week.

Im sitting in a local pub on my own, not looking for anyone or on the pull, but just because I fancy a drink out for a change, a couple approach me at the bar (I will call them E and F because it sounds better than him and her) they ask if Im on my own and can they buy me a drink, I accept and they ask me to join them in a more secluded part of the pub, they each sit either side of me and while making small talk, I feel 2 hands wandering up my inner thigh underneath my skirt, E leans and whispers in my ear, dont move just enjoy, I realise that one hand is E so the other must be Fs, I have never been touched by a woman before and it makes me quite nervous, 1 finger is now under my knickers stroking my clit while the other is stroking my pussy lips through my knickers, which is which I dont know, but I feel my face flush, my nipples have gone hard in my bra and I feel an ache between my legs, Im almost at the point where Im willing the fingers to enter my pussy, but realising Im still sitting in a pub Im holding my breath to see what happens next. Then suddenly it stops and both hands have gone, Im wondering if I have imagined it, but the ache between my legs tells me something must of happened. E & F continue to make small talk, and then E again leans into me, and says you enjoyed that didnt you, come with us now and you can enjoy more. I go to open my mouth in protest but his hand brushes against my breasts and then up to my mouth to stop me saying anything, they both take me by the hands and lead me out of the pub. Everything in my mind is telling me to stop but the ache in my nipples and pussy is making want to find out more.

E unlocks the car and opens the back door for me to get in, F moves in along side me, while E gets in the front to drive, he says to F, I think her nipples are a being crushed by her blouse, undo it please and release her breasts, F undos my blouse slowly I cant say a word and just watch her, she then pushes my bra down so that my nipples are released from the confines of the bra and on show and then she takes hold of my hand again.

We pull into a driveway and the car stops I go to start covering myself up, and E tells me to stop that my nipples should not be covered up, E and F then lead me from the car and though the front door, as my blouse is already undone, from behind E just pulls it off and undoes my bra so they both fall to the floor, E then says you enjoyed what happened in the pub, pitty you where wearing knickers but then in future you will know not to wear any, with that he pinches one of my nipples and tells me to help F remove her top, he asks if I have ever sucked another womans nipples I say no, he tells me well now you will, he pushes my head towards Fs nipples telling me to suck and enjoy, his hand then goes up my skirt and he tugs at my knickers roughly to remove them at the same time his other hand is up Fs skirt, after removing my knickers his fingers start rubbing my clit the feeling is overwhelming, Fs nipple is so hard and I realise that Im really enjoying sucking them, someone undos the zip on my skirt and I realise Im standing there in just my stockings and high heels and feeling very very turned on by what is happening, Fs skirt has also been removed and then E asks if I have ever licked another womans pussy, I whisper no, my voice is almost gone so he tells F to sit down and open her legs, her pussy is open and glistening with her wetness, he pushes me between her legs telling me to lick, suck and enjoy, his fingers are in my pussy now finger fucking me, F tastes so good I realise I want to make her cum, my own pussy feels as though its soaking, F is moaning and then E pushes me away while he trusts his cock into F making them both cum while I watch, after E has finished shooting his load into to F he asks me to clean her pussy with my tongue and that if I want to cum I will have to earn the right by being good to both of them.

ByteChaser2 54M

9/30/2005 8:48 am

Thats sweet. Reminds me of an adventure of my own in Utah months ago

digdug41 50M

9/30/2005 1:41 pm

well well well joining the tent club are we we've got sweet darlin angel and goddess of bitches poping tents all over the place just from what their writing so you trying to do the same thing now,good stuff

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

DefiniteTrouble 51F

10/2/2005 1:54 am

Very well done.

madkitten 55F
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10/2/2005 6:50 am

Byte, are your going to tell all then.

Dig, I have written another blog like this, and do write more stuff like this, normally though, I only send this sort of thing to the people that Im including in the fantasy, or thinking about when I write it

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10/3/2005 4:14 am

Very nice! Wish I was there. Can actually see myself in the story in places. Maybe not quite so forceful though (if that's the right word). Not my style I have to say. I'm usually the gentle quiet type when it comes to playing around.
Keep the story writing going, I think you may have a hidden talent there!

madkitten 55F
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10/13/2005 2:30 am

DT & Deano, thanks I wish I could write better, I tend to get bored towards the end, so never finish off very well. Suppose practice makes perfect.

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