GM is at it again! Hard Times ahead for MI  

madeinmichigan 41M
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8/3/2006 8:42 pm
GM is at it again! Hard Times ahead for MI

I saw the headlines a few months back in several sources pertaining to GM’s attempts to recover yearly loses by cutting more jobs and closing more plants. The auto industry has already caused enough trouble in Flint, MI by previous cutbacks, now they are after Lansing, MI. Three other locations will be effected in MI after they close some operations at the plants remaining in Flint, Yipsilanti, and Lansing. Over 30,000 jobs are planned to be cut next year.

I fear for the areas affected by these cutbacks. Flint has already suffered by previous cutbacks in the past and areas surrounding Lansing have gone down hill in recently already. I can’t imagine what will happen to these areas after so many people will become unemployed.

My grandfather worked for GM for over twenty years and retired with a pension. However, two of my uncles have been laid off and an aunt of mine is facing the possibility of layoff in the near future. These companies are causing grief for the hourly employees instead of cutting back on higher paid executives. Cutting personnel should be a last resort in any case, but so much has been done in the state of Michigan already. Something should be done to protect these jobs or find other ways in these areas to start new job opportunities. I think we need a sequel to Michael Moore’s movie “Rodger and Me” in order to make the public aware of what is happening in these areas.

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