A letter to CNN (September 2005)  

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8/25/2006 1:43 pm
A letter to CNN (September 2005)

Here is a copy of a letter that I wrote to CNN last year that was on CNN.com after the Katrina huricane last year. Let me know what you think.

When is the Nation going to wake up and realize that our Commander in Chief is incompetent and is so disconnected with what is going on in Louisiana? He has acted disgracefully as president with poor decisions ranging from filling high paying government positions with under qualified friends, to drawing the American public’s attention on activities in the gulf instead of balancing government attention between international and domestic issues. Millions of government funding has been drawn into homeland security, but yet we are not safer in our airports and other means of public transportation than what we were before 2001.
It is disgusting on how fast Florida received aid last year after it was hit by hurricanes and to compare it to the lag in response with the New Orleans disaster. The damage was no where near the same magnitude as what has occurred in Louisiana in Florida, but the response was more prompt in Florida by the government. It is so obvious that aid Florida was politically biased in the matter that it was handled, maybe because Bush’s brother is Governor? Even take the Tsunami disaster in India, food drops and relief efforts started within two days of the disaster. It took five days for the government to get around sending relief to the area. People were herded to convention centers and sports arenas without rations or medical supplies. Some people were stranded on rooftops for over a week before rescuers could evacuate them by helicopter.
Bush acquaintances continue to cash in to this day. Halliburton scored another exclusive to rebuild New Orleans. The FEMA director Mike Brown had no prior experience before his nomination to office by his friend G. W. Bush. Brown ran an Arabian horse farm before his political career, but that didn’t stop the Bush Administration’s nomination for FEMA director.
Bush is denying aid from countries that have put their political indifferences with the US aside who are only interested in helping for the sake of humanity. Fidel Castro has offered 1500 field doctors from Cuba and the offer has been declined by the Bush administration. Venezuela offered oil at a discounted price to offset the price increase, but this was declined as well due to the fact that the offer came from Hugo Chavez.
Weapons and other band items are still getting through security checkpoints during tests conducted by government agencies. They are checking more thoroughly only in major airports. I have traveled a few times in the past few years and in the smaller airports, little has changed. They still receive large aircraft, but do not check passengers as thoroughly as they do in say at the Newark International Airport.
I don’t understand why he was reelected in the first place, but how can anyone justify their decision based on his performance? I don’t know how the majority thought that Bush would do a great job in a second term based off of his popularity after terrorist attacks on American soil. The public has forgotten that prior to the attack in New York, Bush spent the majority of his time after the election on vacation. His actions after the attacks were the least that anyone would expect from the commander in chief. He didn’t do anything spectacular that no one else was incapable of doing. The next disaster could be your hometown. These are American citizens suffering in Louisiana and this monster Bush has handled this irresponsibly by blaming others. We are committed to policing the middle-east while objectives become unclear. The facts are there; his friends hold these high paying jobs with out qualifications, oil companies are thriving under relaxed government intervention with price protection, and Bush continues to be disconnected until public scrutiny steers him to act otherwise. I love this nation and I consider myself a patriot, but I can’t deal with irresponsibility from the highest of government officials. If they can’t handle issues effectively in a world where eyes are upon us as one of the most powerful nations in the world, just think of what our reputation will be in future generations. I don’t want to think about what the extent of the damage will be after a full two terms of G.W. Bush.

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