Tie me up and fuck me please! continued; conclusion  

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Tie me up and fuck me please! continued; conclusion

Then I moved slightly back down her legs.Still straddled either side of her; I rubbed myself against her legs as I moved down until I was sitting just above her knees.

I put a hand on each buttocks to reveal her completely. I bent forward and first blew lightly on her ass and her pussy. I could see her muscles move and her holes open slightly with the sensation. Then I licked around the inside of her thighs and her buttocks; tracing my tongue in circles all around her thighs, buttocks and as far into the back of her pussy as I could. Then I tickled her ass with my tongue. Kissed her slightly and watched as her muscles twitched slightly and relaxed. I pleasured her like this for another ten minutes or so. Careful not to make her cum. It was too soon; a long way to go yet.

I slowly got off the bed and pulled a chair over beside the bed. I poured myself a glass of wine, got the bottle of massage oil and Lubricant and set them beside me. I sat on the chair and watched her. It must have been ten or fifteen minutes. She just lay there. Every now and then I let her hear me move and I could see her gasp slightly with anticipation; "what is he going to do now" she must have been thinking. Occassionally I'd sprinkle a few drops of wine over her back and she give a slight jolt.

I got back on top of her; kneeling on her bottom; feeling her soft bottom against my cock and balls. I poured some massage oil on to my hands and gently massaged it into her upper shoulders and down along her back. This was relaxing her again. She was chilled out and totally at ease.

I moved back down her legs again and this time just poured a little oil out of the bottle on to that point on the base of her spine, just abobe her ass. The oil ran slowly down in the the crevice of her ass. I put my hands on her buttocks and pushed them apart. I moved my hands inwards towards her ass and put some pressure around her asshole with my thumb. I massaged her ass in a circular motion ensuring that her buttocks were kept wide apart, exposing her so I could see her muscles tighten and relax. I did this for 5 or 10 minutes until I knew she was totally aroused, moist and dripping wet.

Then I turned myself around so that I was sitting over her middle back but not on her back. I was facing down towards her feet with my hands on her bottom. I gave her a sudden spank on her right buttocks. It was a fairly light spank, hard enough to arouse but soft enough not to cause pain. She moaned slightly; approvingly. I delayed for a few minutes then I spanked her other buttocks. Again I delayed for a little while. Then I spanked her bottom again but I speeded up the spanks a little as if to set a rythym. After I'd spanked her for a few minutes I put my hand on her buttocks and pulled them apart and went down on her bottom and attacked ber ass as if to devour it.

I stepped off the bed and gathered up all the pillows; 4 in total. I placed them under her pussy area so as to raise her ass upwards towards me. By this time she was dripping wet. I knew she was close to cumming. I put the knob of my cock just at the mouth of her pussy. She let a soft sigh and said "Fuck, fuck me now, fuck me hard, please". But that would be too easy. I eased my cock a little further into her. She tried to ease herself back into my cock. She pushed back as far as she could but the restraints prevented her from pushing back too far.

I teased her for 5 or 10 minutes. Slowly easing my cock a little further into her, then pulling it back out again.

Then without warning I hammered it home hard. Just one hard bang right into her as far as I could go. She let a slight gasp and said "O yes, that's better". But then I slowly eased myself out again and just held my knob at the mouth of her pussy. I held it there for a few minutes. Just moving it slightly to tease her; remind her I was still there. Then without warning I hammered it into her again. Then I did the same again. Pulled back out and just hovered around her pussy mouth but this time for a shorter time. Then I hammered home again.

She was soooooo hot, sooo wet, sooo aroused, I could tell she couldn't last much longer. I picked up the speed until I was pounding her frantically all the time she was arching her ass upwards and backwards into me.

Then with uncontrollable gasps, cries we both reached a climax. I pumped every last drop into her and then slumped down onto her; still inside; still erect.

lol Macker

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Hot Mac...........so hot......

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