Take on Twice a Day: Day 2 Dose 1:  

macker1965 61M/43F
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5/7/2006 3:06 am

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5/8/2006 10:34 am

Take on Twice a Day: Day 2 Dose 1:

A gorgeous redhead goes to doctor's office and says that her body hurts wherever she touches it. "Impossible" says the doctor, "show me". The redhead took her finger, pushed her left breast and screamed, then she pushed her elbow and screamed even more. She pushed her ankle and screamed.Everywhere she touched made her scream. The doctor said, "you're not really a redhead, are you". "No" she replied, "I'm actually a blonde". "I thought so" doctor says, "your finger's broken".


P.S. Thinks this medicine is starting to work; beginning to feel better already

HBowt2 60F

5/7/2006 4:17 am

thanks for that mack....needed the laugh

macker1965 replies on 5/7/2006 5:42 am:

You're welcome. There's nothing like a good laugh; well maybe that's a bit of an exageration; can think of at least one thing


rm_mm0206 70F
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5/7/2006 10:31 am

god that was funny....

I have so many blonde jokes, but I am afraid to post them, for a man it is ok but a woman doing it, takes a bit of tact...

I could look at that pic all day.
probably wind up being brainwashed in a few hours...


macker1965 replies on 5/7/2006 10:35 am:

It was a woman who sent me these jokes. Somehow I think it's more politically correct for a woman to tell them.


angelofmercy5 60F
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5/7/2006 10:17 pm

This one was really funny! I need that laugh.

macker1965 replies on 5/8/2006 10:35 am:

We all need a laugh and it's good for you aswell.


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