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Log Cabins, Log Fires, Sex and Satin Sheets; Part III:

After our frantic session on the couch earlier that night we made ourselves comfortable in front of the fire. We just lay there naked; exploring, enjoying each other's bodies. I opened a bottle of wine as we settled in for the night; looking forward to whatever it would bring us.

We touched, kissed, licked, sucked, but just generally explored each other. You know, one of those times when we were both totally relaxed; enjoyed touching, fondling and had absolutely no inobitions about exploring each other's bodies.

We made love another two times in front of the fire. It was relaxed, casual and time was un-important!

We went to bed around 1.30, suspect we both thought we'd make love just one more time. We cuddled into each other and just got into one of those cuddles where we were both so relaxed.I just wanted to hold her, never let her go; our bodies were as one!

We dosed off to sleep. I could smell her; feel her, was aroused by her, but just wanted to hold her. I just remember looking at her and feeling so contented as I seemed to drift off into dreamland.

The next morning I woke around 7am. She was still asleep and her back was towards me. I turned around and cuddled into her. Put my arm around her and held her soft breasts tightly; fondled her right breast with my left hand and gently felt her nipple between my fingers.

I was aroused; but them I'm nearly always aroused first thing in the morning. But my erection was so hard; absolutely erect. I eased myself up against her buttocks; slipped my shaft in between her bottom cheeks and gently eased it forwards and backwards. I loved to spoon and she seemed to enjoy my attentions.

She lifted her head slightly to one side and glanced at me and smiled. She put her hand down and took the knob of my cock and rubbed it against her clit. She rubbed it over and over and used it as if it was a vibrator. I could feel my shaft rubbing against her ass and her cheeks seemed to tighten against my shaft as it motioned forwards and backwards.

I lowered myself around her bottom so as to position myself better. I was able to gently ease my cock into her pussy. It was so moist. So wet. So inviting. At first my knob just gently penetrated her pussy. As I manouvered myself lower I arched my crotch forward and increased my penetration into her. I pulled her buttocks cheeks apart and pushed myself up into her. She pushed her ass backwards into me; trying to increase the penetration.

We savoured the moment. Just lay there as my arousal increased; my cock hardened and penetrated her pussy deeper and deeper. All the time I manouvered our bodies to ensure that the penetration was maximised.

Then I monouvered her on to her tummy and pulled her cheeks apart. I gathered up the 6 pillows on the bed and placed them under her tummy; raising her ass into the air. I pused her cheeks apart and gently pressed around her ass with my thumbs. I gently slid my harness into her wet pussy.

She was so comfortable. Her position was perfect. Her ass was sticking up towards me; my penetration was maximised. But I lifted my right leg over her right buttox and found that that increased my penetration. I could feel myself enter her as far as I could go. I could hear her sigh "yes, please, please fuck me". It was soft, sensual, erotic, and horny all wrapped up in one magical breakfast moment.

As we lay there; savouring the moment I asked her; "would you like some breakfast" and "can I get you a spoon"!

What had the rest of the day/ weekend in store for us?

To be continued!

lol Macker

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