Love Actually!  

macker1965 61M/43F
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4/5/2006 3:41 pm

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5/5/2006 11:46 am

Love Actually!

I joined AdultFriendFinder for sex! At least I think that's why I joined. But why am I still here.

Sex is important and in most normal, loving relationships is an important aspect of a relationship. But if I had to choose? Would I choose a solely sexual relationship, with little or no love, or a totally loving relationship with little or no sex.

Thankfully most of us never have to make that choice. But unfortunately most of us never get to make that choice. Very few people have the opportunity to experience both true love and fulfilling sex.

Anyway, being in a reflective mood, I was just wondering, if you had to choose. Would you choose true love, real love or sex? Assuming you could only choose one or the other.

For me there's no choice. The thought of someone, someone special, wanting me, wanting my company, loving me, me loving them, enjoying each other's company, wanting to spend every possible moment together; well there's just no choice. I love sex, I want sex, but you know what? I really want to be loved! I want to love! I want to experience that feeling, that unique feeling where I'm with someone and feel that there is no where else in the world I'd rather be.

Sorry for waffling. Macker's in a melancholy, relfective mood tonight.

lol Macker

hugs4uagain 40F

4/6/2006 1:06 am

no competition i`d pick real true love hands down!
i still believe in the fairytale sad as it sounds!

hugs xxxxxxxx

HBowt2 60F

4/6/2006 11:58 am

I'm in for the fairytale too macker...

angelofmercy5 60F
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4/7/2006 9:18 am

I grew up on Cinderella! There's no question that I would choose true love. Sex is great...better than great sometimes. But love is wonderful all the time. I think most of the people here are here with needs....most of the sexual....but deep down...we all want to make that love connection.

rm_goddess1946 107F
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4/9/2006 5:45 pm

real love/true love

Just a little food for thought.............
If you really want to be happy, nobody can stop you...

absolutelynormal 57F
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4/13/2006 8:13 pm

True love but only with a guy that I could actually be with, I've had with someone who was unavailable, it sucked. Not willing to EVER go there again. Nice name, Mac

rm_mm0206 70F
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4/15/2006 4:06 pm

I think I have been lucky enough to experience both.... although I must say neither was an exceptional journey

But to love and be loved as much in return is much more rewarding, than mere sex for sex sake.
I say that as I am sitting here day dreaming of sex.lmao


jjsunshines 59F
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5/5/2006 11:05 am

Personally....I'd take true love...real love anyday because I know if ye have that then the sex is flowing right along with it... we wouldnt have to worry about would just come naturally into all the love and feelings that we have for one another... a song comes to me goes....aint nothing like the real thing baby...aint nothin like the real thing.... I think if I am correct it was sung by Aretha just came to me mind
You have such a warm soul... thank ye for all your lovely words...I do so much enjoy reading what you think about

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