My Angel.....My Friend..........  

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8/15/2006 8:19 am

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9/27/2006 5:16 pm

My Angel.....My Friend..........

I have many acquaintances,i have few friends...My friend the angel,she have always been there for me. we laugh together,have cried together, lend a shoulder. when no one else understood me she did, always being honest even if it hurts.Sometime i wish i could meet more people like her but then that would take away her uniqueness and what makes her special. I have yet to ask anything of her twice..I have witness how some persons have mislead,mistreated,put her down without ever getting to knowing her for who she really is or is like. but after her anger,comes her smiles and her forgiveness,she never disrepects anyone,but she will argue her point especailly if she knows she right or had just reasons. Some friends are just that A.N.G.E.L.S.

2daycowboywanted 46F

8/15/2006 8:44 am

And here is to having many angel friends!

Until later

electriccompany 54M

8/15/2006 9:43 am

Yeah! I know what you mean. angelofmercy5's blog is pretty darn good! She's one heck of a lady. My blog, electriccompany is just a big, smart-assed fantasy-festival. But, I am grateful for the readers I do get.

Welcome to Blogland, Lyira!

Asley_treat4u 42F

8/15/2006 7:02 pm

beautiful blog.....

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