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7/23/2005 9:34 am

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[ .down.again. ]

[ .down.again. ]
~ bella camena

just one more down
its hands turned out now
all my sweet sweat cola days
long forgotten in your pallid downe
where nothing makes up for
the lost little wings and missing musae
a gritty smile, hungry against all your odds

but wearing all your blinding feathers now
in all my oils of sienna or sepia
burning from the inside out
where only the burning bird
is a match against you
and every digit we have
working against your palid surface
of anger and gore

composite kings
nestled down with pretty things
all hands out and whirring now
the cadmium sheets set to sail in red
all laid out in your blurring fashions
where there is no more room
for the little ragazze
nor collared girls all grown up
that are dancing in your failing light

but all my workings
just a gear or two behind
tumbled from these spires
work against me and my mile
broken here too near
lined up in the blue shadows
that are ever waiting
for us to be held down again

one more time and down
our working palms to ground now
rubbing through your salty lines
high on your cheekbones
set in staring motions
where one can watch
the seas move in your iris
and your every cruel breath

but love's not for the wanting
nor the needful
all your every ghost like intent
crossing rooms you've longed for
and all your covers or your photographs
you never knew you needed
make you drop it back down

your smoking and your knee-high
always just right
as you walk out
where we are all left
in your splayed doubt
the wake so easy for you
but hard on my harrowings
where its just too late at night to ache
and I think we might make it
one more time and down

© BMc 7/23/05

pussnboots694 74M/79F

7/28/2005 6:50 pm

I see many things when I read your writings..
you inspire me.. just as you knew you would..
to see within..
beutiful.. just beautiful

pussnboots694 74M/79F

7/31/2005 9:36 am

I have yet
To understand why..

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