Your Personality Type: Giver  

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Your Personality Type: Giver

Bringing out the best in others You're a classic Giver who's loving, helpful, generous, and dependable.

You see the best in other people and in humanity in general. Because your heart is open, you help other people open their hearts, too.

You could easily be the person behind a wildly successful spouse or friend, because you're great at supporting and empowering others. You have great organization and planning skills, but because you're so humble and modest, you'd rather see someone else be in the limelight.

You're the most helpful and compassionate of the personality types. So much so, that if you pass a stray dog on the street, it probably kills you not to be able to bring it home. In fact, you have a habit of collecting human "strays," too, who are brokenhearted (or just plain broke!). You take them into your life and your heart, and you feed them with praise and support till they gain back their strength and self-confidence.

Of course, sometimes you do too much for others and become drained physically, emotionally, and even financially. You're not especially good at letting people know what you need. In fact, you try hard to hide when you're feeling bad. That sweet smile goes on your face and no one knows that you're hurting.

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May you Live a Very Long pASSionate Life........and Never stop doing what you Do.

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