Cool and warm is the way to go!!  

lv2lickcum 62M
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9/1/2006 11:07 am
Cool and warm is the way to go!!

I was reading a wonderful artical about different ways to make a lady feel good and watching a porn at the same time. I could not help but share the thoughts I am having. I would love to get a wonderful woman warmed up with passonate kisses and licking then insert a cool dick that has been on ice and see what she does. I am sure that she would love to trade back and forth to go over and over. I love to see a woman move with sex. It is a pleasure that I enjoy so much. This is a way to help us both last longer and enjoy the ride much more. I would love to help you ride and ride, then find ways to make you fell exhausted....then I will know that I have done my job for the lady that asked me to be with her. You should feel so satified with the time, and if coolness does it lets go for it....OK?

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