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8/5/2006 9:44 pm
Lucky Me

I was recently fortunate enough to have sexual encounter with 2 very different woman. 1 was married,1 not, 1 was quite wealthy the other quite not, 1 was 49 the other was 57 but both knew exactly what they wanted and I was blown away to be a part of it. The single lady had her live full and happy without a full time man but luckly for me still enjoyed a mans company from time to time. The married lady was a bit like me in that, while she was happily married her sex drive was higher than her husbands and she was looking for a way to satisfy it.
I am no 20 to 30 year old surfer/footy playing stud with a body sent from heaven so I no I'm not going to be appealling to a hell of alot of women on this sight and more power to the lady's being able to attrack such a guy.I find mature woman know what they want and are more interested in a good long sexual encounter rather than a wham bam thankyou mam. I believe all woman are beautifull and while some may be more beautifull than others they are all still beautiful. hopefully the same applies to blokes.
I'm new to the sight so any suggestion on how to hook up while I'm a standard member would greatly be appreciated

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