The first time  

luvkitn21 34F
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2/20/2006 12:38 am

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The first time

I was going through some profiles, and I noticed that a lot of people don't fill out the entire portion of the profile. I seemed to enjoy reading, for the one's who included it, the first time they had sex. So I'm asking for you to tell me about your first time. I guess it's not quite fair for me to ask if I don't tell you about mine.
Well I was 18 years old, and on my college freshman spring break in Panama City, Florida. I wonder how many stories start out like that? lol Well I was supposed to go with my best friend, her boyfriend, and a guy that I really liked. I hadn't really talked to him all that much, and the night before we were leaving, he told her boyfriend that he couldn't go. Well wasn't I the lucky one to be in a room with another couple and me all by myself. We had to get rid of the room meant for me and him, because we couldn't afford it. So I stayed out of the room as much as possible, and let them do there thing, while I had my own fun on the beach.
Let me point out here, that I had never given a blow job, drank any alcohol, or never did anything but kiss up until this vacation. Well I was playing volleyball with this group of guys and I got a couple of room numbers. I thought it would be kinda adventurous to go and visit one, so of course I picked the cute one. In that room I performed by very first blow job, and I succeeded.
Well, enough about that, let's get to the good part. So my best friend was telling me about this guy, who she thought I would like. Well he called me that night, and we talked for a while. He called the next day and he said if he could get out of work he would come down to meet me on Wednesday.
Wednesday gets here and he has finished work and it's kinda late and he's just heading out to come that way. I get sleepy, and I was sunburnt, so I decided to hop in the pjs and get in the bed. He gets there at about 3 in the morning, and he sees me for the first time in pjs, glasses and in no makeup. I tell him he doesn't have to sleep on the floor, so he gets ready for bed and joins me. We turn the tv on and cover it up so we don't hear my friend and her man going at it, and we stay up all night talking about what we wanted a bf or gf to be. Well that escalated into kissing, and then touching, and before long he was going down on me, which was my first time for that.
We get up that morning and take a stroll on the beach, and then that night we had our first date. We went to eat seafood, or course. We came back to the room and we were all ready for bed, and once again it escalated to touching and I told him I wanted him. We had sex for the first time the second day I knew him. The guy that was supposed to go found out my sexual intentions, and he is now wishing he would have went. Well anyways, that guy that took my innocence was my bf for almost 4 years, and now I'm by myself. Before I get all sad, I'm gonna end this post. Can't wait to read what you all write, and sorry it was so long, but I feel you needed to know the whole story.

CamCumWithMe 60M

2/20/2006 5:31 am

Well... you're still young, and sad to say, you'll probably have more heartaches along the way. Learn something from each one, and then they don't seem to bother you so much, the achey-breaky heart, that is.

My first time? I lost the coin toss with my brother over an unhappily married woman in the neighborhood who seduced us both one night... yup, my first time was sloppy seconds!

kludge42 36M
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2/20/2006 6:51 am

First time, was with an older experienced girl.

We were at a friend of mine's house- in his bedroom. It start with making out, then touching, and I went down on her. She got so aroused she told me to take her. So I did.

The thing I remember the most? The was horrible.

Now.. the girl after her.... "that [was] a horse of a different color!"

Cowboy_Deluxe 39M

2/20/2006 5:38 pm

Hey sexy, My first time was when I was 16, yep the ole drinking with the buddies. Now your gonna think this is crude, and maybe disgusting to, but I was 16! We had a 32 year old woman over at my place and we pulled a train on her, damn good thing it was at my place they wanted to pull straws, but I said my place, I'm the first to go.. It was probably the worst sex I have ever had, because it meant nothing, but back then, me and my buddies were studs..
Aww but hoping your the next! Now how about that for a answer!


luvkitn21 34F

2/20/2006 6:40 pm

Cam-I'm learning
kludge-sorry you thought it was horrible. Sounds like the next girl is one you'll never forget.
Cowboy- I understand you were 16. Young boys what a thing. Love the me next answer. We'll definitely have to explore that more.

It's very interesting how they were all stories of you with somewhat older women. Guess eager to learn boys is appealing to an older woman.

beewulf9 39M

2/21/2006 3:35 pm

Thank you for being so honest.

In regards to my first time, I guess I really don't share that in my profile because I don't want people to focus about my past but the present, or even who I am.

You are asking me to share here though... I recall I was a friends house and the was the last Dr. Pepper in the fridge. My friend's wife said that if I had the soda that I would have to do something in compensation to their tenant who loved the stuff. I shrugged and consumed the Dr. Pepper.

Eventually the young woman came home and we had a discussion about how I would have to compensate her. Things started softly with a back rub, thigh rub, which stirred the question in her regarding should or shouldn't things go further.

We ended up going up to her room and there we started to kiss. Those soft type of kissing. Where you softly lick, and gently pull at your partner's lips and you hear the deep breathing as their hearts race. Each kiss softly elongating, while touches roamed and explored.

Clothes eventually were bared to reveal nipples, flushed skin and erogenous zones. I softly took my time to lick and lap from her, using my fingers to find her g-spot as my tongue circled and I tenderly suckle from her depth.

The evening continued with more kissing, more oral and shattering orgasms. That was my first and lead to the two of us kissing in the back yard and deciding to go rent a room. It was in that room that I shared my body merging with hers.

rm_bri28ma 40M
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2/23/2006 8:23 am

My first sex was with my first serious 21! The sex was fairly vanilla...and not long after she broke up with me, because sex (in her mind) meant marriage, and I wasn't ready for that. UG! Can I have a new first time? -Bri

luvkitn21 34F

2/23/2006 5:57 pm

Bri- yes of course you can have another first.

rm_LuvU4Hours 53M

3/1/2006 12:40 am

Well, my first time cannot be entirely distinguished from my second time, as they both came within about an hour and a half of each other. With the same woman. The first time, I lasted about 3-7 seconds. When I was finished, I concluded masturbation was more fun than that particular sexual experience and wondered whether I'd been missing anything at all by being a virgin.

The second time, I lasted inside her for an hour. At which point she got tired and pulled off me, much to my disappointment. I've enjoyed fucking more than masturbation ever since then.

She really was a marvelous girl. I was 20, she was 21 and we were both in college. A svelte and very pretty girl with long dark hair to her waist. She'd been chasing me for some months and I finally gave in. It was the start of a romance I remember fondly to this day.

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