Strangers In The Night  

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4/3/2006 6:30 pm

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Strangers In The Night

I was asleep in bed when you arrived. Never being inside my condominium, you looked around the unfamiliar little home of a very sensual and intriguing woman. Searching for her bedroom using the fish tank light to see, you walk through the living room; pass the kitchen and dining room to a short hallway. On the left, you look inside the first door and discovered it was the bathroom. The next door on the left was closed but directly across from that door was another door that was open. You decide to look inside the dark room with the open door first. Pleased with yourself for making the right choice, you quietly enter into my room, pleased to see me asleep. You barely see my face but you notice my long blond hair fanned across the pillow. This woman is a little crazy, should I really fulfill this crazy fantasy. You think to yourself, what in the hell am I doing, sneaking into some strange woman’s home. Jesus, what if she starts screaming! She will not, she knows I am coming. You quickly undressed, saying to yourself, he goes, be prepared to run fast. Then gently you pull back the cream-colored comforter surprised to see black satin sheets. As you slowly crawled in bed next to me, you said to yourself, man I hope I am not making a mistake, being very careful not to wake me. You lay down next to me, unable to conceal you hard delicious cock. You liked the feeling of my skin as you begin to caress my body, enjoying the feeling of the cream silk gown I am wearing.
Am I dreaming, I must be? The large warm hand feels so warm and real. I move closer to the stranger in my bed, enjoying my dream. No, this is not a dream I thought to myself. Is he here, no it is a dream. Oh my god, I grew tense but you quickly eased me by saying, Baby it’s me. Your not dreaming Baby, then you begin kissing me so softly. Loving the way your lips feel, I begin kissing you back. The passion begins to grow; still telling myself this cannot be true. Am I really kissing a stranger in my bed? No, he’s not a stranger I said to myself. We have been talking for months now. Yes, he is but it feels so good, as our bodies move closer together. I said to myself, you naughty woman. What in the world were you thinking you stupid woman as I feel your hard cock against my body, working its way in between my thighs. Oh, but kissing you feels so good; our lips feel so natural together. It is too late; just go with it, I said to myself. I could not stop even if I wanted to. The feeling of your hard cock rubbing on my clit feeling so good. We both are feeling great and unable to let our lips part, we passionately continue kissing, feeling each other tongues rub and explore one another. Your lips are so soft and you are such a good kisser. You part from my wet lips and begin kissing my neck. Oh my god, it feels so good. I cannot get close enough to you. You begin kissing me again, and then you begin nibbling on my ear. As I let out a soft moan as your cock continues massaging my wet clit, I feel like I am ready to explode. All I want is more. You sense my desire as you gently caress my breast, and then I feel your hot breath move over my nipple. You gently begin nibbling on my erect nipple. Ohhhh you feel so good. You move to my other breast as if you were worried the other was getting jealous. Then back to my other nipple. You spend several minutes caressing, kissing, and sucking my breast. You clearly enjoy playing with and sucking on my firm breast. Then I feel your hand sliding down; oh, I do not think I can handle it. You find my pussy and are delighted to find it wet and ready for you. You gently feel around for my clit, then placing your finger inside my pussy to get the juices you need to rub my clit. I begin to moan in pleasure. Your experienced finger knows exactly what to do. Oh Jesus, I am so hot, wanting you in me right now. You move your lips over my lips with a soft smile, pleased with yourself knowing how you are making me feel. Again, you softly kiss me as you continue to rubbing on my clit with your finger. My body quivering under you, I feel your hard cock against my thigh. As my hands move down your back, in search of your cock. Ahh, yes this is what I want. Your cock hard as can be as I begin to softly stroke it. You let out a soft moan from your lips enjoying how I am rubbing you. We are both enjoying how we have found one another’s love zone. Ohh, how good we are both feeling. You continue kissing me, but with more force. The passion become tenser, your teeth softly but also firmly bite my neck. Oh, we are both feeling so good. Both of us needing each other, we quickly move into the sixty-nine position.
Oh my god, your fingers parted my pussy exposing my hard clit. You place your lips with firm but full intent to suck. Your tongue making a circular motion. Oh my god, your breathing gets harder as you feel my warm breath so close to your cock, my hungry mouth cannot wait to feel and taste the head of your cock. I take your cock and slide it in my mouth. In and out of my wet mouth. My tongue exploring around your hard cock. I begin by slowly using my very wet tongue around the head of your cock, moving over the rim of your cock, as I taste some juices seeping out. My hands begin to massage you gently. You love my warm mouth as I slowly slide you in between my lips, then back out again. I slowly guide you cock into my warm and wet mouth again. You feel so good and you love my mouth. My tongue is massaging the head of your cock, ohh so wet, sliding in and out. Again sliding you cock in more quickly, my hands still rubbing your balls and again, in and out of my mouth as your cock slide deeper and deeper. I gently rub on your balls as you moan. Your lips never parting from my clit, you suck then rub your tongue around then back and forth, then sucking again. I am about to have the most wonderful organism I have ever experienced. You cock going in and out of my mouth, deeper and deeper down my throat. We both are about to orgasm when we change our position. You slowly rub your cock on my clit, my tight pussy begging for your cock to enter. So wet, please now I am begging, oh my god, you feel so good as you enter my wet tight pussy. You shiver from the warmth and the tightness of my pussy around your cock. You hold it deep inside my pussy, enjoying the sudden warmth. You slowly move in and out, you know exactly how to place your cock so it feels so good. You are feeling so good, doing everything you can to make it last longer. Your cock and my pussy had yearned for so long and it is absolutely so good. Oh, my god I am going to cum I scream. You begin stroking me harder, in and out. It feels so good. Harder and harder, you are almost there. Noooo, nooo you yell, oh god here I cum. In my mouth I barely whisper, as my body quivers hard beneath you. Oh please, in my mouth, quickly you put your cock in my mouth allowing me to swallow all of your cum. Your body is quivering out of control, ohh yeeeesss, it feels so good. Again, another load for me to swallow. You love the way I make you feel and you begin to moan as I keep sucking your cock, in and out, quicker and deeper. It feels so good you cannot control yourself, one more time, and your cock slides in and out, in and out, again another loud groan and you cum down my throat again. I continue to swallow. It tastes so good. Ooohhhh, you feel so good. Your body continuing to shiver and quivering at how good you feel. Then you collapse on top of me out of breath. Then we fall asleep, waking an hour later to begin all over again.

Milfman17 56M

4/4/2006 5:51 am

Oh my love, that was wonderful! Tis is shame that we live so far apart...Your adventures shall indeed be sweet....MILFMAN

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