Fantasy sex locations.  

luvdemthiksistas 44M
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5/13/2006 10:27 am

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8/5/2007 4:45 am

Fantasy sex locations.

Now, I have to be honest, I have places that I fantasise having sex in. I've done it in the rain, bathrooms of stores, and even in public. Public sex is a rush, lemme tell you.
But some of the places I've seen in other folks profiles on here blows my mind. How in the HELL do you have sex on a rollercoaster?? I'm sure all the twisting and lurching around would make for some hellified penetration, but how in the world does someone arrange that? Only coaster I can think of would be Space Mountain at WDW. Even then, it takes longer that 2 minutes for me to cum. Maybe there's some guys out there that can achieve the "minute nut", but please, don't call attention to yourselves. Geez. Just felt like doing a little typing this morning, so have fun all.

Tonight love is rationed, tonight across the nation,
tonight love infects worldwide, almost another day.

YummyCurves4You 48F  
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7/2/2007 11:38 pm

LOL!!! I just HAD to comment on this one!
Even if you could manage to bust in 2 minutes, how are WE going to get our big asses in the right position to do it on a roller coaster!

I have had sex in some crazy places as well, but realistically speaking, some places just aren't for the Big Girl!

I love your sense of humor!



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