How long do you keep it?  

luv_your_clit 62M
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7/21/2006 1:52 am

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7/12/2013 1:35 am

How long do you keep it?

I have been fortunate to be in a really good relationship with a woman for almost a year and when ever we have had sex, she would give me a fantastic blow job to completion followed by her swallowing my cum. Many times showing me how much semen she was able to ejaculate from me before it went down her throat.

When we had sex, it too as great. She was a moaner as well as very vocal which encouraged me to give her my best. She would sense when I was near my climax, I'd hear "Cum for me, cum inside me, I want it. OHHHH yes......mmmmmmmmmm."

The first few times she'd ask me not to pull out and we'd spend up to a 1/2 hour together with her legs wrapped around me as she hugged my cock with her pussy. This was followed with her taking my cock into her mouth to get me "cleaned up" which lead to another fuck session.

But what she really enjoyed was to "Keep" my cum in her pussy all night long and for as long she could. When I asked her if she was going to the bathroom, she would say "I like keeping it inside me because it make me feel like a woman."

My question to the ladies is how long do you keep your partners cum?

Men how do you feel about your lady "keeping" your cum?

mycin62 56F

8/7/2006 4:20 pm

    Quoting rm_jerseygem70:
    Sounds like you two had a great time together. Keeping my partners cum inside me does not make me feel any more of a woman. I don't rush into the bathroom for cleanup, but depending on the situation I don't want soaked panties either.
Yeah, what she said!!

rm_Grettagurl 48F
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3/3/2007 11:21 am

I don't think I've ever 'kept' it on purpose... I don't jump up and rush to bathe, either (unless our schedule dictates it, LO I am a bit of a "gusher" so I'm pretty wet anyway and by the time he's cum in me, well... let's just say we always keep a towel handy and I generally go to sleep with that in between my legs

I admit, I do get a kick out it the next day when I'm at work and can still feel a bit of what's left... I always have to make sure I have plenty of pantiliners on me on those days...

rm_jonesgreg77 43F
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4/12/2008 7:49 pm

I love it too... I sleep like a baby after a really great romp so I don't rush to clean up. The next day I can still smell it on myself and that totally turns me on. The best place a guy can cum is inside - I luv to use my pussy to squeeze every last drop out!

I am not the girl your mother warned you about...... her imagination was never this good!!

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