Covered legs  

luv_your_clit 62M
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5/4/2006 8:54 am

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6/18/2008 11:47 pm

Covered legs

I love legs. I especially love them when they are covered with some sort of hosiery, preferably seamed stockings.
Ladies and gentlemen, today for your polling pleasure - what do you prefer to see / wear?
panty hose
body hosiery
thigh highs
knee highs
nothing but skin
other, please expalin

tracy_de_lacy 106F
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6/28/2006 12:56 am

panty hose are horrid and give ya thrush. stockings make a woman feel nice and sensual for special occasions, socks are probably what I wear most cos I wear trainers all the time cos of work and having MS (get sore legs and tingly feet). But my favourite has to be bare legs. Something quite liberating about that.

Bye everyone, it was a blast

luv_your_clit replies on 7/6/2006 1:08 am:
I have to agree with you on all accounts. Panty hose are just another barrier. Stockings (especially seamed)w/garter belts are and look sexy on any woman. More so if she has a really nice pair of legs.

Long, smooth, tanned and bare legs are way sexy.

LovelyGirl2066 47F

1/23/2008 10:25 am

I love love black stockings
makes me feel sooooo naughty

TastyLiscious 56F

4/26/2008 9:40 pm

Thigh Highs I feel most comfortable wearing .

Garters and stockings seem to slip down and I am always pulling them up LOL . However I do still wear them on occasion out for a sexy dinner date.

clubginna 66M/60F

5/10/2008 6:53 pm

I love wearing thigh high stockings with lacy tops and no underwear with a short skirt. It's such a tease when you pull up your skirt and show a guy your pussy framed by the tops of those hose. I haven't met a guy yet who didn't love that. I also like crotchless sheer pantyhose. They're really nasty and provocative and it makes me feel very in control when A man sees me in those. It drives them wild because there really aren't too many girls that wear them. Guys immmediately want a taste of that little treat poking out of the front of that nylon. sexy!!


clubginna 66M/60F

5/23/2008 8:27 pm

Lick away Baby. there's a;ways pussy juice rolling out of me, especially when I have sexy clothing on.


clubginna 66M/60F

5/24/2008 7:03 pm

Thanks Baby...with a name like "luv your clit" you have to be a great pussy eater.I appreciate your nice comments.


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