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4/6/2006 5:53 am

We had finished breakfast and you were standing at the sink in your short semi transparent nightie that really did nothing to hide the body it was suppose to cover. The hem just covered your shaved pussy and firm arse cheeks. The front of the nightie was just two pieces of the material that started at the waist line just below your navel and ran up over your firm breasts and around you neck. There was no back except for the skirt that started in the crook of your firm behind and finishing as I have said before, just below the cheeks of your arse.

Me, I just had on my hipster jocks

Seeing you standing there as you were and recalling what had happened the night before; where after dining out at our favourite restaurant we had come home and explored each others bodies, ending up in the bedroom sucking and fucking each other until we fell asleep exhausted, was getting me horny. I could feel my cock becoming rigid and beginning to push on the front of my jocks.

As I came up behind you I push the top of my jocks down until the waist band is caught under my balls. My cock is rigid and pokes up an angle. Lifting the hem of your nightie I let my cock nestle in the crack between the cheeks of your arse. I felt you flinch at the first touch of my cock. You told me not now. I told you yes, you little witch you’re making me horny dressed like that for you to keep washing. My hands slid in under the halter straps to find your nipples, which I rubbed, nipped and teased with my fingers and thumb.

You stop washing with your hands on the edge of the sink, your head drops slightly as you bend your body slightly away from the edge of the bench, forcing your arse back onto my cock lodged between the cheeks of your arse. I heard you moan. It was a moan of desire. I hear you say keep that up, you’re making me horny too. You pulled the halters of your nightie off your tits, they now hang free. Your nipples are now hard but tender to touch from my rubbing and nipping. I moved one of my hands down onto your pussy. Your body flinches at the touch of my fingers on your clit. You’re pussy is creaming. I hear you say I’m so wet down there I can feel it seeping down my legs. My fingers slipped between your pussy lips massaging the internal surfaces of your pussy. Your pussy is so slippery with your juice that my fingers are liberally being coated with your cream. Your moans, along with your breathing became erratic. Your arse was pushing harder and rubbing itself on my pelvis and my cock wedge in the crack of your arse. I heard you say- oh fuck, stick that cock of yours in me, anywhere, I don’t care which hole, just stick it in and fuck me, oh for gods sake fuck me.

I took my fingers out of you pussy and my other hand of you tits that I had continued to tease and took hold of your waist lifted you up slightly so that you were up on you toes. As you feet came up of the floor you move them apart spreading your legs. As I help to raise you, I bent my knees allowing my cock to slip from the crack of your arse and slip in between the vee of your legs. As I lowered you back down and keeping hold of your waist, my cock slipped forward till it was at the base of your pussy. I could feel the entrance your cavern with the tip of my cock. Your voice was now a rasp, oh fuck, yes put it in my pussy, oh my god I want you inside of me. You bent over further pushing back on to my pelvis. As you bent over I felt my cock slip easily into sopping cavern. Your moans and breathing increased their tempo. Your pelvic muscles began to work your hips in a fucking movement on my cock that was inside of you. Your tits, now hanging down due the position you were in began move with the motion of your body.

Oh my god what is happening to me, I’m so wet, I feel as if my body is on fire. Oh yes fuck me and fill me, I heard you say. As I watched you fuck on my cock, you put one of your hands in one of the sink bowls filling the palm with soapy water and start to massage your hanging tits with your wet hand and pinch your own nipples. Your body was moving rapidly and I had to hang onto your hips to stop myself from slipping from your pussy. I felt the heat of your cavern around my cock. I felt my balls begin to tighten. I could feel the build-up within me starting to work its way along my cock. I couldn’t hang on for much longer. I told you that I was going to come. I can’t stop it. Yes, let it come inside me. Let it flood my pussy. Oh my god I coming too I heard you say as my cock exploded inside you. I felt your body shudder several times as your orgasm took over.

We just stood there coupled together as our bodies returned to some form of normality. As my cock withdrew from your pussy I felt some of my cream seep out of you and down the inside of you open thighs. You straightened up and turned to face me. I see that your bare tits and halter straps are drenched with the water that you had taken from the sink. I watched as you put a hand between you legs and over your pussy to collect some of our juices seeping from inside your pussy on your fingers. You then put your fingers to your mouth to suck the juice from them. All you said was, Mmmmmmm, Lovely, where can I get more of that delicious lovely cream.

Let’s go back to bed; I’m still horny you said with a glint in your eyes and a grin on your face.

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