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4/24/2006 4:14 am

Its Monday and not having to go to work, Nanc & I were sitting by the pool reflecting on and recovering from the happenings of the weekend. It all started late on Saturday morning as I recall.
It had been one of those hot summer days where the temperature was such that you could sit and relax under the sun shade next to the pool with a nice glass of wine and let the events of the world go by. Nanc and I were just doing that, sitting by the side of the pool while at the same time watching the youth; John our next door neighbour’s boy, swimming laps of the pool. John had come over earlier and had asked if he could use the pool for a swim. It wasn’t that it was his first time he had used the pool. We had had the whole family over a number of times for the usual B-B-Q, swim and get together with other neighbours.
John and his twin sister Johanna and their widowed mother Jenny had been neighbours for some years and over that time, we had as we thought, got to know them fairly well. We’d seen the twins grow from young teenagers to young adults. Nanc & I had even minded the twins on a few occasions while their mother Jenny, had gone away on business for her work. They always appeared to be the typical family unit, caring and close, mainly kept to themselves but did join in with the community at the various community activities from time to time.
Our perception of them as a stable family unit and our relationship with them was about to change dramatically.
As we watched John do laps, I noticed that Nanc was taking particular interest in him as he swam. As I watched I could see a glint in her eyes, one of her hands was between her legs with the fingers idly playing with her cunt through her swimming costume, while her other hand and fingers toyed with the nipple of one of her breasts through the material of her swimming costume. Nanc had sensed that I was watching her as turned and smiled at me. I leaned over to her and whispered in her ear ‘you want to fuck him don’t you, you naughty lady wanting a toy boy now’. Her reply didn’t really surprise me when she said ‘Yes, he’s got a great body and I’d like to see what he’s got in those trunks of his’.
Shortly after, as John emerged from the pool we could see the out line of his cock against his wet swimming togs. I noticed Nanc lick her lips and whisper ‘Yes-his cock will do nicely’. As he walked past, Nanc put out her hand to stop him and as she did her hand happened to fall onto his crotch and take hold of his cock. His reaction was one surprise but didn’t last for long as he heard Nanc say that she wanted to fuck him still with her hand holding onto his cock. ‘What about Col’ I heard him say as he looked between Nanc at me? ‘If she wants to fuck you John and if you’d like to fuck her that’s OK by me. Nanc and I have an open relationship when it comes to sex’ I said. ‘I’ve often thought about what it would be like to fuck Nanc’ he said boldly ‘but never been game to ask even when she has been here by herself’ he added.
By now his cock had grown and was pushing out and tenting the front of his bathers as a result of Nance’s continued hold and rolling of his balls and cock in her hand. ‘Can I make a phone’ call he said in a voice that was feeling the affects of her hand on his cock and balls. He picked up the mobile from the table next to him and dialled a number and input a text message.
Putting down the phone Nanc sat up on the sun chair that she had been lying on, undid the string that was holding his bathers up and pulled his bathers over his hips and now raging nine inch cock. He was at the right level as Nanc opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth and began to lick and suck on it. As Nanc took him into her mouth John let out moan that was deep and long. ‘Oh fuck yes that feels so good Nanc. Yes, Yes’ he whispered. As Nanc moved her mouth back and forth over his cock she kept looking up at his facing watching the affect she was having on him. Taking her mouth from his cock Nanc stood up and kissed him on the lips. She removed the top to her bikini and taking his head in her hands guided his lips to one her nipples, getting him to suck on it. As he sucked on her nipple she untied the side ties to her bikini pants and let them drop to the ground. Laying back down on the sun chair and putting a leg outside of the sides of the chair; opening up her legs wide and to give John a good view of her cunt. John knelt on the end of the chair and buried his face into Nance’s cunt, working his lips between her cunt lips and over her exposed clit. ‘Oh yes John keep doing that. That feels real good. Oh yes get your tongue in nice and deep. Oh my god where did you learn to suck pussy’ Nanc was saying as John continued to suck on her cunt, driving his tongue deep into her. Nance’s body was responding to Johns sucking as her eyes started to become vacant. Her hands were now busy massaging her tits and pulling and pinching on her nipples. Her moans were deep and long. Nance’s body arched away from the sun chair, her head began to rock from side to side. It wouldn’t belong before she would be filling his mouth with her cunt juice. Already I could see here cunt juice being smeared over his face as he sucked deep onto her cunt. Nance’s body arching was now becoming more frantic as she neared orgasm.
Suddenly, John stopped sucking on Nance’s cunt. ‘No! No! Not now, please not now, keep sucking me I’m nearly there’ Nanc’ wailed. Nanc started to move one of her hands onto her cunt and put her fingers inside her sopping weeping cunt hole to bring herself to orgasm. As she did, John prevented her from doing so. ‘Oh fuck you, let me finish it off, I’m so close, so close’ Nanc cried out. Nance’s body continued to work itself, trying to bring on her orgasm. ‘Not yet Nanc, I want to give you a long, long ride and some surprises before you come’ John said. ‘Oh fucking hell, hurry up then’ Nanc cried out.
I had been so engrossed in what was happening between John and Nanc that I wasn’t aware that John’s twin sister (Johanna) had come into the yard and had also seen what was happening between them. The first I knew of her presence was when I felt her hands on my shoulders and her lips next to my ear, ‘make a nice couple those two, don’t they’ she whispered in my ear. Surprised by her presence, I went to say something but couldn’t get it out as she put her hand over my mouth. I felt her clothed breast push into my back as her hands came around me and her fingers found my nipples and her lips the side of my neck which she was now kissing. Breaking the kiss, ‘my god Nanc looks so hot; I loved to suck on her tits and cunt’
Johanna whispered. ‘Be my guest’ I whispered back to her.
As John pulled away from Nance’s cunt he looked towards me where he could see his sister was kneeling behind me. He smiled at her and she smiled back at him as he beckoned her over to him. Walking from behind me, I watched as she removed her bikini bathers if that what they were for there was nothing of them; just three mini triangles to cover her nipples and her cunt. By the time she reached where John and Nanc were she was completely naked.
By the time Johanna arrived, John had now moved up the sun chair and was offering his cock to Nance’s mouth. She opened her mouth and took his raging cock into her mouth. As his body was so positioned, Nanc hadn’t seen Johanna approach them. As John began to fuck into her mouth with his cock, Johanna knelt between her legs and then putting her face into Nance’s cunt started to suck and lick her. Nance’s body reacted to the new mouth now on her cunt. She raised her legs so that now here knees on either side of Johns hips and level with her tits. With Nanc in this position, Johanna could now get to her tight little anus. Johanna was now starting her tongue at Nance’s tight little hole and working all the way to he clit. Nance’s body responded accordingly. Her sucking on John’s became more intense as with his fucking motion into her mouth. Her muffled sounds were saying that she was near having an orgasm.
The sight before my eyes was electric and becoming more erotic the further it went to see my Nanc enjoying being fucked by the twins and getting more than she actually bargained for.
As Johanna was sucking on Nance’s cunt, I had removed my bathers and I was now ramming my cock into Johanna’s tight cunt. As I fucked into her, I put my arms around her until I had hold of her nipples and was rubbing and pinching on them. I could hear her muffled mews and moans coming from her as she buried her face into Nance’s arse and pussy.
John was the first to come. As he explode, he pulled out of Nance’s mouth and allowed his come to shoot over her face and into her mouth with some ending up on her tits. Nanc also came shortly after, her body going rigid as her orgasm struck. Her own cunt exploded pumping cunt juice over Johanna’s face and into her mouth as she continued to suck from Nance’s cunt. I continued to pump my cock into Johanna’s cunt. After finishing his load onto Nance’s face he turned around and let Johanna suck on his semi hard cock. Johanna’s muffled moans were indicating that she was near orgasm. He body stiffened as she let go of John’s cock. ‘Now, yes let me have it now, fill my cunt with your come’ she cried out dropping onto her elbows forcing her cunt higher into the air. My cock exploded inside her cunt, jetting my hot come deep into her cunt cavern. As I exploded into Johanna I watched Nanc as she wiped her face and tits of John’s cum with her fingers and put them into her mouth sucking them clean.
When I had pulled out of Johanna’s cunt it was suggested by Nanc that I get everyone a drink. As we sat there talking over our drinks, it was then that the perception of a nuclear stable family that we thought we knew, came un-done. John & Johanna started to tell us--------------------------.

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