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5/3/2006 5:42 am

In part 1 of this story, Nanc had her cunt sucked and her mouth fucked by the John the boy next door. While her mouth was being fucked, John’s twin sister Johanna had sucked out Nance’s cunt while I had fucked Johanna.
As we sat there talking over our drinks, it was then that the perception of a nuclear stable family that we thought we knew, came un-done. John & Johanna started to tell us their story.
They were in their early teens, about thirteen when it all started. It was a Saturday and being bored with afternoon movie matinee they had returned home early. As they opened the front door they could hear strange noises and moans coming from their parent’s bedroom. Keeping quiet they crept down to the bedroom; then looking through a crack between the door and door jamb saw Jenny their mother with her legs spread wide with her knees up by her tits and Jack their dad with his face buried into her cunt.
As they watched they could hear Jenny telling Jack to stick his tongue deeper into her cunt and to keep sucking and licking her. From where they watching they could see Jacks arse and his cock hanging down between his spread legs. They saw Jack remove his face from Jenny’s cunt and crawl up over her body and put his cock into her cunt and start to fuck her, slowly at first and then the fucking became furious with Jenny meeting Jacks thrust into her cavern. They could hear Jenny urge Jack on to fuck her hard and deep; to fill her cunt to over flowing with his cum. Yes she needed to be fucked good and hard. When Jenny finally came they saw her body stiffen; her legs clamp around Jacks thighs and cry out that she was coming. At the same time Jack bury his cock deep into her saying that he was coming also. After a while they heard their mother say that the kids will be home soon, so they made a hasty retreat out of the house until it was time that they should be returning home from the movie. Every Saturday after that, they would sneak back home from the movies. If they could hear noises from the bedroom they would go inside and watch Jack and Jenny fuck and suck each other and then they sneak back out when the parents had finished to arrive back home at the appointed time as if nothing had happened.
What they had witnessed that first afternoon was the start of their own sex exploration. During the night they would slip into one or the others bedrooms where they would discover each others bodies. First it was the fondling and kissing stage and by the time they were into their late teens their love making became more intense as their individual sexual desires took over to where they were fucking and sucking each other several times a week. Even at the stage they would try and watch Jack and Jenny every opportunity they could. While they watched, John would be fingering Johanna’s sweet little cunt getting it nice and wet while he was getting cock stroked by Johanna. Sometimes they had to go back to their own bedroom to fuck before Jack and Jenny reached their own climaxes.
Just after they had turned 17, Jack was killed in a car accident which left Jenny and the kids pretty much down at their loss of a good husband and father. With his death, John and Johanna’s sexual exploitations took a new turn although they still continued to fuck each other.
It was several months later that while John was walking past Jenny’s room that he heard her moaning and a strange whirring noise coming from within. As the door was ajar he looked through the narrow opening to see Jenny lying on her back with her legs spread wide and a vibrator being applied to her open cunt by her own hands. He stood and watched as Jenny rubbed the toy between the lips of her cunt and insert it into her cavern and fuck herself on the vibrator. Not only could he see that Jenny was getting worked up, he himself was getting aroused with his cock becoming rigid at the sight that was before him. His mind was in turmoil, should he take his dad’s place and go and fuck his mother? Could he fuck his mother? For she certainly needs a cock in that cunt of hers filling it with nice warm cum to satisfy her needs.
Still in a confused state of mine he went and sought out Johanna to tell her what he had just seen. Together they slipped back to Jenny’s room. As they both looked in, they could see that Jenny was now at highly aroused state as her moans were now louder, her breathing irregular, her hips were coming of the bed as she was ramming the vibrator deep and fast into her cunt. It wouldn’t belong before she would be climaxing. Taking the initiative together; and having removed their clothing so that they were now both naked, entered the room.
John crawled up onto the bed so that he was between Jenny’s spread legs and was now looking directly at the vibrator being pumped in and out of her flooding cunt. While John took hold of Jenny’s legs just under her knees and lifting them up so that her knees would be up near her tits, Johanna took hold of Jenny’s hand and pulled the vibrator from her sopping cunt and led it until the vibrator was in Jenny’s mouth where sucked on it cleaning it of her cunt juice. As soon as the vibrator had left her cunt, John buried his face into her cunt, driving his tongue into her cavern and began sucking her cunt juice into his mouth.
Whether it was the state of arousal she was in or that Jenny was having flash backs as soon as Johns tongue entered her cavern she cried out for Jack to suck out cunt juice and fuck her; fuck her with his big cock. Yes she wanted his cock inside her, filling her aching cunt hole full of cum. not realising that it was her son John doing the sucking.
When she cried out for Jack to fuck her with his cock, John left sucking her and crawled up onto her guiding his cock into her cunt. As he entered her Jenny’s body just went crazy as she started to fuck on his cock before he was fully inside of her. Once in her, their fucking was fast and furious. As Jenny’s orgasm came, John could feel his cum racing towards the head of his cock. With his discharge jetting into her Jenny clamped her legs around his hips pulling him deeper into her cavern. While all her pleas were for Jack to fuck and fill her, she was mistaking her son John that was doing the fucking, to be her late husband.
As John felt Jenny’s legs relax around his hips he pulled his semi hard cock from her cunt and worked his way up over her body so that tip of his cunt juice laden cock was touching her lips. As she opened her mouth, he let her draw his cock into it. He felt her tongue clean the head and shaft of his cock with her tongue as she began to suck on it. As he pulled away from her cunt, Johanna buried her face into Jenny’s flooding cunt, licking up both Johns and Jenny’s cum as it seeped from Jenny’s open cavern.
Jenny was in heaven and it took some time for her to realise that while she had a cock in her mouth she was experiencing something that she hadn’t felt before, something new that was pleasuring her cunt and bringing her back to another orgasmic pleasure. As her hips came of the bed Johanna’s mouth stayed with her, not letting go of her cunt. Her sucking on John’s cock was now causing his balls to fill with another load of cum. Although Johns own body was also responding to the pleasure he was receiving from Jenny, it was the scene that was driving him on and taking over his sexual feelings. God! He’d sucked and fucked his own mothers cunt and he was about to unload his second lot of cum down her throat. What more could he want right now.
Johanna was in heaven also, for this was the first time that she had tasted another woman’s cunt juice. She had tasted her own when she had cleaned off Johns cock after he had fucked her or from the dildo that she used from time to time when John wasn’t around to satisfy her sex driven needs. Somehow after Jenny had finished cleaning of the vibrator that she had been using, Johanna had gotten hold of it and was now forcing it into her own cunt hole while she sucked and licked on Jenny’s cunt and clit. As she fucked it in and out of her cunt, she could her own cuntal juice seeping on to her hand as the vibrations from the tool caused her cunt to flood as well bringing her to an orgasm.
As Jenny’s body reached its pinnacle for the release of another orgasmic explosion within her inner core and cunt, her mind somehow refocused and saw that the body belonging to the cock that was in her mouth didn’t belong to Jack but to her son John. She could feel the mouth over her cunt. Who was sucking on her cunt? She couldn’t see as John’s fucking hips blocked her view. Her brain went into overdrive and reacted to what she saw and was feeling.
NOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo was all she could scream out. It was too late; her body responses had taken over and were exploding and screaming into another orgasm. As her mouth opened, Johns cock also exploded sending jets of cum into her open mouth and over her face as she shook her head from side to side. As her orgasm struck, her cunt exploded also sending squirts of cunt juice into Johanna’s mouth. Johanna’s tongue worked feverishly lapping up every bit of juice she could. To Jenny’s explosion, Johanna experienced her own orgasm with her own cunt letting go and flooding around the vibrator and into the hand holding it.
With his load dispensed into Jenny’s mouth and over her face he slipped his body down along side of her own body. At the same time Johanna came up the other side of Jenny and was now licking John’s cum from her face. When she realised it was Johanna all she could say was that what had happened was happening wasn’t right and that it needed to stop right now. Both John and Johanna calmed her fears and not to worry. They then told Jenny all that had happened over the previous years how they had sneaked home and watched her and Jack fuck each other when they should have been at the movies and how they themselves had discovered their own bodies and had been fucking each other for sometime now and that they were not interested in others as they had had each other and now they could stay as a family.
When Jenny awoke next morning, she awoke with a start to find herself naked with the naked twins cuddled up each side of her with their legs thrown loosely over hers and a hand on each of her tits. Jenny turned to each in turn smiled to her-self and kissed them on their forehead and hugged them into her body. John and Johanna woke from the hug that Jenny was giving them and looked at each other and it was if they sensed what each was thinking for they removed their hands that was on Jenny’s tits and moved them to her cunt. At the same time each took a nipple into their mouths and started sucking on them. Jenny hugged them closer as they sucked on her tits and fingered her cunt and clit. Oh yes my darlings; that feel so fucking good were going to be a family that plays together, was all she said. Jenny moved down the bed until her arse was on the edge then had Johanna straddle her, so that her teenage cunt was above her mouth so that she could now suck on it. John slid off the bed and knelt down so that he could bury his face into Jenny’s cunt and suck her.
This was the beginning of their inter-family incest relationship of fucking each other when ever they wanted to. All three, Jenny, John and Johanna knew that what they were getting themselves into and doing was wrong but could stop now, as fucking each other had become persuasive and all consuming.
Nanc and I looked at each other as John and Johanna finished their story. As I watched Nanc I saw a smile come on her face. ‘What’s she thinking now’? I thought to myself. I wonder if she thinking the same as me. Do we may have another fuck partner?
While listening to the twins story I had noticed that Johanna had a hand been her slightly spread legs playing with her cunt and was now starting to feel the affects of her fingering. Getting up from where I was sitting and moving to the seat Johanna half lying on I straddled her body letting my now semi rigid cock come in contact with her lips. Opening her mouth, I slipped my cock into her mouth allowing her lick and suck on it. Nanc moved in behind me and lifted Johanna’s legs up so that I could hook my arms behind her knees and lift her arse of the seat and open up her cunt. Nanc knelt on the end of the seat and buried her face into Johanna’s cunt and began sucking and licking it. John moved in behind Nanc and shoved his cock into her cunt and began to fuck her with long power full strokes while I fucked into Johanna’s mouth. As I fed cum into Johanna’s mouth, she was feeding her cunt juice into Nance’s mouth while John was filling Nance’s cunt with his cum.
John and Johanna left to go back home but as they left, invited Nanc and I over for dinner. They were sure that Jenny would like to meet us (not that we hadn’t already meet) and us her likewise.
Nanc and I accepted the invitation and said we’d be there at 8.
‘This could turn out to be quite a weekend yet’ we said to each other as we retired to the house to get ready for dinner and for what might lay ahead.

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