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4/6/2006 5:51 am

I hadn’t long finished having a shower and I was standing in front of the wash basin with my jocks on having a shave.
I caught sight of your reflection in the mirror as you appeared in the doorway. You are completely naked. You pause slightly and form a pose, letting me see the reflection of your shaved pussy and your firm tits with their hard nipples.
Even the sight of you makes my cock start to stiffen.
As you walk up behind me I lose sight of your pussy but I can see you breast jingle from the way you are walking.
As you come up to me, you put your arms around me and pull your self into me. I can feel your firm tits with those hard nipples pressing into my back and the lips of your shaved pussy through my jocks working itself against one of my arse cheeks. Your hands and fingers are playing with my nipples. You are looking over and you rest your chin on one of my shoulders. You are smiling and you have that mischievous glint in your eye.
I go to stop shaving and put my arms down. You tell me to keep shaving.
You continue to play with my nipples, pinching and rubbing them between you fingers and thumb. My body is reacting to your touches. I’m finding it hard to continue shaving. You can see in the mirror that the front of my jocks is beginning to stretch as my cock becomes rigid.
You let one of your hands leave one of my nipples and work its way down putting a thumb inside the waist band at the front of my jocks, you push the waist band out over my rigid cock and down until the band is caught under my balls.
Letting go of my jocks you bring your hand back to my cock and start to stroke it, rubbing your hand back and forth over the head and along the shaft. Your other hand continues to play with my nipples. My body is now becoming fully aroused as you feel my arse push back into you. I can’t continue to shave because of what is happening.
As we both watch our reflections, we see pre cum appearing at the opening of my cock. My balls are becoming tighter and you can feel the first stirrings within my cock and you know it won’t belong before my cock will explode. You continue to work your hand back and forth along the shaft of my cock. I can see in the mirror that your smile is getting deeper and wider and the glint in your eyes is brighter.
You feel the first pulse of my cock. Your fore-finger and thumb clamp themselves around my cock where the head joins the shaft. I can and you can feel my cock trying to pump out my cum. The pressure in me is great and agonising and I have to lower my arms and put my hands on the edge of the hand basin to support myself. My arse pushes hard against your pelvic region.
You continue to clamp my cock until you feel the pumping action in my cock starts to subside. Taking your other hand of my nipples, you put it so the edge of your hand with the palm just under the tip of the head of my cock and release your finger and thumb that has been clamping my cock.
With the release, my cum oozes its way out of my cock head and pools in the palm of your hand. My body feels the release from the build up and tension of my blocked ejaculation.
As I watch in the mirror, you lift your hand with my come cream to your lips and suck it into your mouth and let it lay in your mouth before you swallow. What is still in the palm of your hand, you lick off with your tongue.
You still have that glint in your eyes and a smile on you lips as your hands come back to my chest, you hug yourself into my back. I can still feel your hard nipples and firm breasts pressing into me. As my jocks are now half off me, I can feel your wet pussy rubbing against my bare arse cheek.
You look over my shoulder at our reflections. All you say with a grin is ‘Thank you, Thank you. I love the taste of your come in my mouth; I can never get enough of it’.
You stop hugging me and as you leave the room I hear you say ‘Now hurry up, or you will be late for work’.
WORK! How the hell can I think about work at a time like this when I know she wants me to go and suck and fuck her wet sopping pussy.
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