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We had been to town to do some shopping and while there we took in a movie at the local picture theatre. The movie been rated MA but ended somewhere between MA and R. The story line wasn’t to bad and the plot didn’t take that much to work out; man gets involved with a strange woman, ends up in bed with her, he then gets phone calls at his office and home. Wife gets suspicious etc etc. Anyway, there was plenty of fucking through the whole movie.
At the start of the movie I had my arm around your shoulders with my hand falling down to play with your tit and nipple through your blouse. About half-way through the movie when you opened up my trousers I moved my hand up under the skirt of your dress to find your panties wet. I rubbed your pussy through your wet panties to make you wetter. My finger continued to rub your pussy, pushing the material of your panties in between your pussy lips.
As we watched you opened the fly of my pants and put you hand inside to play with and stroke my cock. After awhile of you stroking, you pulled my cock out of my briefs and pushed top of the briefs down until the waist band was caught under my balls. As you stroked my cock you put a condom over it. ‘I want you to come with it on so I taste it later’ you whispered in my ear. Just before the end of the movie my cock exploded inside the condom filling the little pouch at its tip. ‘Nice timing’ you whisper. As my cock exploded you orgasmed into your soaking panties and I could feel your come seeping out of your flooding cavern.
‘You too’ I whisper back.
I take my hand from under your dress and put my fingers on your lips. You open your mouth and suck my fingers inside your mouth to lick off your cum that has coated them.
You remove the condom from my now deflating cock. Taking it by the tip in one your hands you put the opening of the condom in your mouth and tip it up. With condom scissored between to fingers of your other hand you run them down the length of the condom squeezing my come into your mouth. ‘Love your come in my mouth’ you whisper in my ear.
We left the theatre, hoped in the car and set off for home. About halfway home you get me to stop the car, get out and vanish from sight for a few minutes. I see you coming from the back of the car towards my door. I can seen in the mirror that you have your bra and panties in your hand. When you reach the door you open it and I can see that glint in your eyes.
‘What are you up to’? I ask.
‘I drive, you fuck’ you say
‘What’? I ask
‘I want you to fuck me while I drive. I’m still horny from the picture show’ you say.
I push the seat back as far as it goes. You undo the belt of my pants, open up the fly and pull out my rigid cock (you have played with it since we’ve been driving home) so it is free of my briefs. I lay the back of the seat back to give you more room.
You climb into the car, lifting the back of your skirt and with your legs either side of mine you lower your-self down till my cock is now inside your wet pussy cavern.
You shut the door, start the engine and start to drive off. As you drive I put one of my hands under your skirt and let my fingers play with you exposed clit. I feel the muscles inside your cavern work on my cock. I can feel your body tense as you get to near orgasm. After about twenty minutes of driving we pull up out side our house.
‘Oh fuck yes I’m coming. Fill my pussy with your cream’ you say.
I have been holding off for as long as I could and was damn near coming earlier when you said I couldn’t come until we got home. I let my come jet into you deep cavern. ‘Oh yes that feels real good’ you say.
As my cock deflates you climb of my lap to get out of the car. Some of my come seeps out of your cavern onto my now deflated cock. Once out of the car you turn around and put your mouth over my cock and suck it clean.
Later that night as we lay in bed, you snuggle up close with your head on my shoulder and one leg over mine. I feel your hand on my balls and you start to massage them.
‘Like the ride home’? You ask.
‘Yes’ I say.
You roll over onto my body so that your pussy is pressed against my rising cock.
‘Good. I’m going to give you another ride’ you say.
Your lips come onto mind. I feel your tongue enter my mouth and I suck on it and at the same time, feel your pussy cavern sucking on my cock.


saddletrampsk 55F

4/17/2006 11:32 am

Wow..I would crash up the car for sure..hehe

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