12 HOURS  

luv2teeze 77M
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5/3/2006 5:45 am

I had just finished having a shower and was standing in front of the dresser with just my hipster briefs combing my hair when I saw you coming up behind me. You were naked, and as you walked I could see your firm tits jangle with each step and your shaved cunt from your reflection in the mirror. Just watching you got the blood flowing to all parts.
As I stood there I felt your arms come around me and your hands covering my nipples. As you closed your arms I could feel the nipples to your tits press into my back and your shaved cunt being rubbed on one of my arse cheeks. Your chin was resting on one of my shoulders with your lips next to my ear. ‘Remember that bet we had the other day that I couldn’t keep your cock rigid for 12 hours without you coming, well today is pay-day my sweet’ you whispered in my ear. As you whispered in my ear I felt both of your hands slip down to the top of my briefs.
Looking at our reflections in the mirror, you put your thumbs inside the waist band of my briefs and you push the front down so now my soft cock and balls are being reflected back. You catch the waist band under my balls. ‘Mmmmm; love the view. Love that cock of yours, specially when it’s rigid and filling my cunt with your cum’ you whisper. You pick up a folded silk scarf off the dresser and use it as a blindfold, covering my eyes and tying it at the back of my head.
Before I go on, let me go back a few steps and explain how this all came about. It happened during one of our fuck sessions that Nanc (that’s my partner) suggested that she could keep my cock rigid and ready for fucking to near cum release for 12 hours without making me cum. So the bet was made. If she lost then I get to choose her fate and if she wins well that’s another story.
I feel your hands come back to my chest and cover my nipples with your fingers dancing on my skin. ‘Now its time to get that cock of yours up and rigid and keep it there for the next 24 hours my sweet’ you whisper into my ear. Being blind folded and just the feel of your naked body pressed into the back of mine was enough to get my blood flowing into my cock. You move your hips so that I can feel the pussy juice coming form your shaved cunt being rubbed against one cheek of my arse. The nails of your forefingers of your hands are now scrapping and flicking across the tip of my own nipples. You know that my nipples are most sensitive. You watch in the mirror as my cock begins to stiffen. You tell me what you see in the mirror as my cock becomes rigid. I can feel my stomach and body muscles start to contract as messages are sent through my body to my now stiffening cock. My chest muscles kept drawing my chest in as I try to escape what your fingernails are doing to my nipples. They are becoming sensitive to your touch and the messages that they are sending to my cock is increasing and making it more rigid. My breathing is becoming erratic. Your fingernails cut into my nipples as you press them back into my chest. The pain I feel is electric and my whole body reacts to it making my cock grow firm and forcing more blood to it so that now it is causing the cock head ache. All I can say is ‘Oh my god, Oh fuck yes’. One of your hands clasps itself tightly around the shaft of my now bourgeoning, ragging, throbbing cock. ‘Now I’m going to keep you like this for the next 12 hours honey, so don’t you cum on me’ you say to me.
Taking me by the hand you lead me back to the bed where you get me to lay down. You take my arms and tie them to the bed head posts telling me that this is to stop me from playing with my cock. I feel something being put into my ears; earplugs. Not only could I not see; I could not hear any thing either. For the next twelve hours I was in a world of darkness and silence.
After tying my hands, I felt you climb onto the bed between my legs, stretch your arms till you hands and fingers found my nipples and began to nip and pinch them while your warm mouth encased and worked on my now aching cock. I wanted to fuck your mouth but somehow the enjoyment pain my nipples were experiencing prevented my body from doing so. A few moments later you left me lying on the bed with a raging, roaring, pulsing cock that was near to exploding. For the next 12 hours I had my nipples punished while my cock was being sucked or licked.
I don’t know how long I had been lying on the bed; as you regularly came to suck on my cock or to nip and pinch on my nipples as you knew that would keep my cock rigid, when I felt it move on both sides of me and between my legs. I felt a mouth go over my cock and begin to work its self up and down the shaft of my cock. At the same time, both my nipples were drawn into and sucked on by two separate mouths. Three mouths, who’s were they and where did they come from. Then I remembered, yes you were having a party with some of your girl friends. You cunning wench, you’ve planned this all along I said to my self. Teeth bit down on the nipples and as they did so began to pull on them. My body reacted to what was being done. Every muscle in my body tightened so that I couldn’t move. The pain I was experiencing was driving my mind into overdrive as well as the feeling lodging itself in the core of my raging, roaring inflamed cock. Yes, it felt fucking good, so fucking good in fact that I was lost to a world of erotic sexuality. When my nipples and cock had been abandoned, I felt your lips on mine forcing them open so that you could invade my mouth with your tongue. Your kiss was long and deep.
Somehow, somewhere I must’ve drifted off to sleep only to be aroused to find that my hands had been untied and the ear plugs removed from my ears and your warm cunt sliding over my still rigid cum filled cock. When I was fully inside of you, you laid yourself out on my body. I felt the hard nipples of your tits pressing into mine as you lay down on top of me. I felt your lips next to my ear. ‘I’ve kept you cock rigid for 12 hours and not let you come now I want you to fuck me honey’ was all you said.
We rolled over so that you were now lying on the bed. I began to fuck you, slowly at first until our bodies were mutually slamming together with my cock being buried deep into your cunt and my balls banging against your arse. Your knees were drawn up next to your tits allowing my cock to go deep inside of you. Our moans of desire were mixed together as we fought each other to invade each others mouth with our tongues as we kissed. I felt my cum building in my balls and as it began its journey into my cock and into your cunt I pushed up on my arms so that my body was arched and my cock was buried deep in side you cunt, my cum exploded from the head of my cock jetting wads of built up cum into you cunt. As my cock exploded inside of you, your body froze as your own orgasm struck and your cunt juice flowed around my pulsing cock. As my load of cum came to an end I collapsed onto you with your arms coming around me to pull my body closer to yours.
My cock was still rigid, so I began to slowly fuck into your cum filled cunt. ‘Oh yes fuck me again and fill me with your cum’ was all you said as your lips came back to mine. This time the kiss was more passionate and tender.
I continued to fuck you until your orgasm came and I shot another load of cum into your cunt.
‘I’ll get you back for what you did today you cunning wench. I hope your girlfriends enjoyed themselves’ I said.
‘I’ll be waiting when you do. I’ll be waiting’ you said.
We were still locked together, my cock was still inside your cunt and I could feel your cunt muscles working on my cock as we drifted off to sleep.


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