To truly feel, know, desire the trust of angel walks beside me always  

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8/23/2006 12:19 pm

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To truly feel, know, desire the trust of angel walks beside me always

As I was walking through the dark woods,
The crisp autumn breeze cut across my face,
The smell of drying leaves filled the air,
Though it was a smell I enjoyed,
I tightened my jacket.

I was walking alone, through the winding trails that night,
Thinking of things and worrying.
It was then, in the distance, I saw a glowing light,
I continued onward,
The light getting brighter,
It was then I came upon an opening in the woods,
The light so bright, I shielded my eyes.

It was then; I heard your voice,
“Why do you cover your eyes?
Don’t you know who I am?”
As I lowered my hands, and I saw you,
Sitting on a rock, you were wearing a flowing robe,
And your wings were stretched out behind you,
Your ethereal light basking the surrounding woods.

Bewildered I stood there,
And again, you asked if I knew who you were,
I did not.
As we started walking, you told me you were my
Guardian angel.

You told me things that nobody else knew.
You told me not to be afraid, not to worry.
You told me I was never really alone.

As we made our way through the woods,
A wolf came across the path,
I was scared,
But you pressed onwards,
You told me to approach the beast,
And I did.
Much to my surprise, he let me touch him.
He ran off, tail wagging.

“You didn’t think I’d let anything happen
To you?” you said with a grin.
As we continued walking, it was then I realized
I truly was, never alone. I always had you.

Soon, I made it to the edge of the wood,
And the sun was starting to come over the mountains,
You told me that I shouldn’t be so worried,
That I will never be alone,
I just need to look inside myself, and you’ll be there.

I was filled with incredible warmth,
Walking home. I was happy,
And you wrapped me in your wings.
Your light guided the way.
You are, my guardian angel,
My protector.

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8/23/2006 1:19 pm


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