Hmmm is it a truly enjoyable ride if done on your own, or do you really need a partner to ride along  

luv2sukyouhard 43F
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7/25/2006 9:27 am

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7/30/2006 6:11 pm

Hmmm is it a truly enjoyable ride if done on your own, or do you really need a partner to ride along

as a dear friend told me.........."Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of
arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to
skid in sideways - Chardonnay in one hand - chocolate in the other -
body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO, What

So tell me about your rides and how they seemed to be different from the norm, making it an amazing travel???????

bucky90403 53M

7/25/2006 10:41 am

I agree with your friend, except red wine or beer would be in one of my hands.

Being here is different from the "norm" isn't it?

buddhamike 107M
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7/25/2006 11:13 am

Life is what you make of it. I lived more in my first 40 years than many folks will if they live to be 80. It's all about understanding that life is a participation sport, not a viewer sport. I made a list of places I wanted to go and things I wanted to do back while I was still in my early 20's and I have covered most of the list. (examples, I've climbed the ratlines to the crows nest of a tall ship, won championbships in baseball, softball, yacht racing, bowling. Competed in basketball, vollyball and chess leagues. Been to more inhabited and uninhabited islends in the Carribean than I can even remember on a tall ship, cruise ship, charter sailboat and land resort. Served in a war, visited Thailand, and Taiwan. Been to Texas, California (San Francisco, Monterey, L.A. and Lake Tahoe) Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin, etc, etc, etc. Gambled in Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, and aboard a cruise ship. Along the way I adopted the Buddhist faith and learned to read Tarot) I think you are getting the idea and I've only just scratched the surface of the list. Decide what you would like to do, and where you would like to go. Then every time you get a chance to do or go, DO IT!! You don't necesserily need a partner, though many times the trip is more fun when you have someone to share it with.

luv2sukyouhard 43F

7/25/2006 1:24 pm

Ohhhh I must completely agree with your posts....I have made my lists and by my grand age of 31, accomplished more than most of my age or even double my age. I have traveled the world not once, but twice, backpacked Europe for months, saw Thalaind, Coasta Rica, Greece, Italy, Tunisia, venezuela, Mexico, Hawaii, Canada, Spain, France, China, Japan to name a few........ I have accomplished all of my education just finishing my 4th degree and learned that living life s much more than a statement, its all about actions. Live life withour regrets, it will bring to a greater satisfaction of your purpose here on this crazy planet...............

rm_DBIG325 52M
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7/28/2006 12:03 am

there was a time i agreed with your friend.....and then there was a time i met someone special....and thought i would like to have a normal im leaning more towards the old me.....was a blur in life but im sure i had fun.......and my liver has recovered sooooooo maybe i can get a few more good years......bye my love.....i plan on wearing this body out hehe

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