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2/24/2006 8:52 pm

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More Ramblings!

And the email continues to come in. And I'm doing my best to answer them all. I know that some are disappointed with what I write to them but I do have parameters that I am using to weed out the ones that I think will not fit in the parameters that I have set. First of all, please try to spell all the words correctly. I understand that in typing we all may type a wrong letter once and awhile..but every word spelled incorrectly doesn't look appealing at all. And in typing, using all caps to me means that one is shouting. My hearing is quite good and yelling isn't necessary. And phone numbers are not necessary. I don't call anyone unless I know them. I will answer the questions that are asked but asking me if I can handle a 12-inch cock is a bit forward, don't you think? And traveling to California is not a day trip. Please try to be reasonable with requests.

rm_mrfixher73 44M

2/25/2006 2:00 pm

That was refreshing. Some forget that even though this is an adult site, we are still adults. Raw and unrefined is not being adult its just being rude.

AirCrashman 58M

2/26/2006 1:33 pm

I must admit that there are quite a few who don't underestand the basics of email. Shouting is rude and always makes me wonder if they are the ones that talk really really loud in a conversation to make their point, instead of using reason!! Thanks and thank you for responding to my email!!

luv2please2693 57F

2/26/2006 2:55 pm

I understand that this is sex site. And I understand that one needs to advertsied a bit to get any kind of response on here. However, I am an intelligent person with a college degree, I am in management, and I find that meeting like minded people is difficult in our society. I find that lot of the email that I am receiving reminds me of being in college, and being at a bar, when someone comes up to you and says "You wanna fuck?". Most people think that they hide behind a handle but when they are giving out their phone number or give me an exact location of where they live, that is not be smart at all. There are a lot of strange people out there and I don't plan to be a victim. But then they say that most serial killers are your normal, highly intelligent, very seduction and very patient to find their next victim. Again, I am not going to be a victim. I choose the people that I will chat with, exchange email with and if it takes months to meet you, the wait may be quite worth it. Most I feel think that being very explicit and using a foul mouth is a turn on. I find it very unattractive and only shows that one doesn't have a piece of self-respect about themselves. They will reap what they sow. I am glad that there are people on this web site that understand what I am talking about and to those who do not, please stay out my way and keep anyway from me. I have no use for you.

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