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3/31/2006 7:24 pm

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I have been on this site ofr about two months now. And have met a few of the males that have sriteen to me. One of the hottest times has been that I was chatting and on the phone with him. He had sriteen to me because he and his friend were interested in a 3-some. Well, I wrote back and he and I got together. We me for lunch, and we hit it off, so we came back to my place. God, what a great experience. He loved vmy tits, and kissed great. That is the best conbimation. We stared kissing and he worled his way down to my tits....and got me so hot that i pulled off my jeans and he started to finger my clit. And at the point of coumming....he stopped and we got into bedl He started again to cuck on my tits...with his finger on my clit and I came and came again.

I then when down on his cock..sucking on it till the pre-cum cam out. He then tittie fuckend me so he could splatter his cum over my face. What a great experience. Of ocurce, now we are planning him and his friend to come up and see me for an afternoon of fun.

Then there were the other guy I met. We met for dinner and went back his place. We talked and he went down on my tits, sucking on each of them. as he sucked on them, his hand went down down my jeans, to finger my clit. I came so hard. What a wonderful experience, I came so easily and he just suckws on my tits. We sat back and he just fingered my nipples....loving how hard they got and tried to keep them hard. I loved the experience...he has great hands..

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4/24/2006 1:39 am

Have a wonaderful sexual momment to share,
Met a woman on AdultFriendFinder here and we shared a very exciting sexual pleasures in the mountains in a campsite. I asked her to wear what she normally would wear to work to the campsite where we met. She drove the distance and we met in Warrenton area and WoW!!!, she had a minnie minnine on. Mmmmm she had such nice thighs and breasts. It was unbelievable we were going camping.

@ campsite she was hot, there was this woman out of place in a minnie and looking so hot, so as soon as tent was up I ravished her. I think she was so hot herself she could not stand it. She grabbed my cock and stroked, played with my balls. She loved the size of my balls and the way I felt in her hands all sweaty hot and very full. I ripped her clothes off and proceeded to suckle her size c breasts. They were perfect and she answered to my suckling. Her nipples were large and ached for suckling. I suckled her breasts long and hard and when I stopped to move to her puss she begged me to keep suckling. She stroked me off all over her belly but, I kept suckling her breasts.

She didn't want me to stop and that is how a breast suckling realationship began with us. From that campout forward we'd meet so I could suckle her breasts to renew the feelings she had when she was breastfeeding and her breasts were ready for me when the day came for me to suckle. She ached and yerned for my suckling. We would release each other but her suckling was the priority and I would just suckle her for an hour, ea breast equally. One I suppose she needed to have suckled more than the other due to maybe breastfeeding from that one the most.

I look at your breasts and I sure would like to start with you as that realationship is gone as far as moved away.......

Hope you had a good vacation, and I hope to hear from you


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