New Orleans Evacuees in Corpus  

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9/5/2005 9:04 am

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New Orleans Evacuees in Corpus

I found out yesterday that some of the evacuees from New Orleans have been accommodated in Corpus. As fas as i understand they are occupying the old Memorial Collesium. There is also supposed to be a large group of children and babies at the old Coles Elementary school here is town.

The response by local businesses to provie these needy people with basic amenities has been slow in coming I've been told. I ran into one of two teachers who were shopping and seeking donations from businesses in the area and they were not happy about the respnse at all. THey were of the opinion that the city does not care, that the peole do not care.

I personally was surprised that the evacuees were brought this far to the south. The new only spoke of housing them in Houston. But now that I know I can't help but act. I got home yesterday and gathered together pillows that I no longer use, sheets and some items of clothing. I packed them all up and got in touch with the woman I met and dropped the package off at her house. I know it wasn't much but as they say "Every little bit helps".

If you have itens that you think would be useful to those in this desparate time of need, I urge you to make the donation. Drop off your packages at Coles, Memorial Collesium or any organisation like the Salvation Army or even your own church. They are mainly in nee of sheets, blankets and socks but I'm sure they would appreciate anything else to make these displace people a little more comfortable.

Please leave a post and tell me that you are donating and helping.



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