I'm Back!!  

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1/7/2006 6:05 am

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I'm Back!!

Well I'm back from NY and I had a great time. It's been three years since I was last there and I was a skeptical about going (you know how the big city attitude take some getting used to) but I have to sat I was pleasantly surpised that I actualy had a great time. Don't get me wrong, I like New York to visit and I just can't see myself living there but this time I actually startied to feel like I LOVE New York!

First off the people were a lot more accommodating than I remember. I got there a week before Christmas and even in the madness of Christmas shoppers people actually took the time to give directions in a patient understanding way. Second, even though it was cold the usual 30 MPH walking pace that I had experienced the last few times I went was nowhere to be seen. I guess thenews was right, NY has become more friendly since th e9/11 tragedy.

The weather was freezing cold as to be expected but that wind just cuts you to the bone!! On the second day I was there I ran into (litterally, RAN into) a friend of mine who I graduated High School with). I hadn't seen him since I left the Caribbean back in 99 and here I'm running into him on the pathway to a little known shopping center in New York!! Not only that but he was staying with his sister who just happened to live just across the street from my mom!! how cool was that?! We hung out a lot since he was leaving the day before I was.

I got to do some things that I've wanted to do but just never got around to it in the past visits. I fianlly got to see Groud Zero of the 9/11 tragedy. Even though it is cleaned up now, the sheer size of the gaping hole that used to be the World Trade Center is still a sobering sight. There is a great display and memorials along a viewing area and there is always a stream of visitors to the site. I visited it twice. Once at the peak of rush hour (which really wasn't all that rushed) and then again at Midnight on another trip to Manhattan. Now the only NY things I haven't done is go to Central Park and visit the Statue of Liberty. oh well there is always next year.

The only thing that put a damper of th ewhole experience was the flight back. I'll have to tell you about that in another post.

Till then.


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