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recieved by LL from BT - an outstanding letter! - thanks, cutie!
Is it time to go down to the bachelor pad yet, lover? The wine we've been sipping at your kitchen table as you told me your travel tales, holding my hand and playing footsie with me under the table, is going to our heads. We've said good night to your kids. The wind is blowing hard outside, the furnace is humming its friendly hum, it's late and I won't wait any longer to have all of you!

It's cozy downstairs- you've turned on your heater and lit the bordello lamp and a lot of candles, including the one with the great shade that casts the interesting shadows on the ceiling - you are so handsome, so sexy in this candlelight! Just looking at you is making me so wet.... Standing near your bed I put my arms around your neck and your arms surround my waist and our lips merge, hot & hungry - as my body presses against your rock-hard oh-so-well-hung virility. Such a turn-on to know I have that effect on you! Ooh, it's going to be a crazy night, boyfriend - is your temperature rising? The feeling of your hair under my fingers, the smell of your skin - how I've missed it! - the taste of your tongue tickling mine, the stiff bulge of your dick carressing my lower belly through our clothing, you've got my crotch throbbing with desire for you - but let's take it slow and easy, let's draw this out - we've got all night and it's been SUCH a long time....

I reach my hands up under your shirt and stroke your muscular chest and shoulders play with your nipples - do you like that? They'll enjoy a little nibble, teeth on skin - oh but are you REALLY getting harder? I didn't think it was possible. My pussy is a fountain, so ready to try to embrace and fondle the hugeness of your cock with its hot wet pink folds - if I can fit you inside me! Reach your finger down inside my panties and feel how slippery you've made me, you naughty boy! Your zipper gives way to my fingers and I've finally got you in my hand now and I can tell you're enjoying my touch! - your balls are really firm too, oh, you know I like that, lover! We ease each other out of all our clothes, now just skin to skin, drinking in the sight of each other - and we tumble onto your bed - touching each other all over, running our fingers everywhere, oh, my god, it's been so long since I felt your body against mine! Every nerve ending is lit up.

There's nothing to hold us back now, my midnight wild man. You may think you just got home but I'm about to take you on a wild erotic ride.....I'm going to fuck you and lick you and suck you so long and so hard and so sweetly, I'm going to make you weep with joy - I'll be lapping up the tears from your cheeks right after I lap up the huge sweet gush of cum from your blissed out cock. And then we'll do it again. The night is young and we're overdue for an adventure. Fasten your seat belt.

You can fill in the rest of the details, sweetheart! Or we can just see what happens when you get home.... I love you. Keep in touch.

-- your horny angel (BT___)

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