A story for a friend...  

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A story for a friend...

Hmm. A friend asked me to post this story I wrote for a guy with a fantasy. It is older and written rather quickly so...


She could feel her taut nipples brushing against the soft cotton of the sheets. It was a little chilly in here and she was beginning to feel a little self conscious.

Why did I ever let him talk me into this? Here she was lying naked under her best friends cotton sheets with a blindfold on waiting and anticipating she didn’t know what. She remembered the conversations leading up to this moment. She had worked with him for just over a year now and they had become good friends enjoying the same interests in movies and music. She couldn’t remember how the subject had first come up. All she knew was the idea had intrigued her and now here she was for better or worse living out a fantasy that wasn’t entirely hers.

She knew she could trust him. He had promised her the safety and security of providing her with two of his good friends to provide her with an experience she had never known before. Two men. At one time. Never knowing who they were. Not knowing what they intended to do with her.

Just go to my house, fix yourself a couple of drinks, take a warm bath or shower, and lay down naked on my bed under the sheets with the blindfold on. I promise you a sexual experience you will never forget…..

Well, here I am. Naked, shivering and a little scared of what was to come. She had not worn perfume and had done a careful shave job in anticipation of…she was sure she was going to find out. Maybe if I do some deep breathing I can relax a little. She started to slowly breathe deeply and felt herself start to nod off. Maybe this was a joke and he was going to pop in and scream surprise. She wouldn’t put it past him. He did like his jokes. Her eyes in the darkness of the blindfold felt like sleep and she slowly sank her way into a sleepy stupor.

She wasn’t sure what woke her. What she knew is that she felt hands moving across the top of the sheet that covered her. Her first instinct was to scream. A low murmuring voice told her to relax and not to worry. She couldn’t make out the voice. Just that it was a low deep husky voice telling her that it was time and she was going to be pleasured like never before.

The questing hands moved the sheet down off of her body and she felt the chill of the room briefly against her nipples traveling downward to her nether regions as the sheet was pulled off. Four hands were gently traveling over her body starting at her arms and her feet moving in slow sensuous movements along her body. She shivered in anticipation as one set of the hands moved along her rib cage to gently encircle her breasts. Slowly her nipples were rolled back and forth between a gentle set of rough fingers. The sensation made her start to moan and her head rolled back bathing in the sensation.

Gently her legs were pried apart and the other set of hands started to brush the hair of her cunt moving a finger slowly along the crack to move in a circle around her vagina. One hand reached underneath her and gently squeezed her ass feeling its firm roundness. She could feel her body tremble from the touch and she thrust her hips up against the hand that was gently rubbing her clit. She heard a low chuckle and couldn’t quite make out the light whisper between the owners of the questing fingers. She felt a mouth come down on her breast and a tongue start to lick along the underside of the round globes as the fingers on her pussy slowly slipped between her lips to rub a little firmer and one finger enter her.

For a while they stayed this way feeling her body move as the sensation teased her body into motion wanting to feel the tongue and mouth take in and suck her nipple while the finger started to fuck her in slow long strokes. The hands on her breasts grabbed her firmer kneading her breasts in a rhythmic motion to his questing tongue while he added gentle bites on her nipples.

Her legs were spread wider and she felt the first touch of tongue on her swollen clit the feel making her moan and try to grasp his head with her thighs. Her legs were again forced apart and the tongue moved in time to the fucking of his fingers inside her. His other hand was moving along her ass kneading and bringing her hips up to meet his mouth.

She couldn’t hold back the sensation and felt herself explode, while he licked the wet hot moisture of her with his tongue. She lay there shaking with the force of the orgasm and then felt herself entered with one deep hard thrust. His huge penis felt like it would split her apart and she gripped the hard swollen cock with her cunt trying to force him in deeper. Hard and fast he fucked her moving deep inside her with a grinding motion. The hands on her breasts were gripping her hard and she felt a mouth move down on hers thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth in motion to the hard deep thrusts of his partner.

She heard his deep groan as he came inside her filling her up completely. Her body reacted shaking her with an orgasmic response to his hard fucking. The tongue would not relent on her mouth and she continued to feel him explore her mouth.

They lay for a bit then kissing soft kisses and lightly touching each others bodies. She felt along the firm midriffs coming bringing her hands down to slowly engulf the cocks of both of her invisible lovers. She was amazed at the strength and size of them and felt a tension inside her build as she realized they were both hers to use as she would to.

Gently she moved her body over the top of them both, using tongue and mouth to explore the hard male bodies beneath her. She could hear their breathing deepen and moved her hands down to the now stiff cocks waiting to be used again in her body. As her mouth moved down one stomach to slowly lick the head of a cock a set of hands put her on her knees.

She felt the second man move up behind her and the first man gently put her hand on her head to encourage her mouth. The feeling was incredible as she started to suck and lick the firm hard cock while another set of hands moved along the hot wet cunt open for his display.

As she licked and sucked, the second man moved up closer behind her and she could feel the dry heat of his hardness against her ass. Gripping her hips he entered her from behind in one smooth motion starting to slow deep fuck her as she sucked his friend. She moved her mouth up and down the cock in rhythm to the slow fucking going on. As he started to move faster and deeper inside her she moved the swollen cock deeper and faster in her mouth feeling his body twitch underneath her.

His hands came down and gripping her hair moved her head up and down in time while the thrusts behind her forced her legs wide apart. With a deep groan she felt him release into her mouth and she kept sucking tasting him. Pumping her hard and deep from behind she felt him spasm against her his balls hard against her cunt.

They stayed like that for a moment all of them enjoying the feel of each other. Lying down between them she felt their breathing start to slow as they all three sank into a light sleep fully satisfied from their exertions.

Her head was in a dream state as she felt hands again move against her body, her breasts and cunt being slowly teased into arousal. Come with me she heard a voice say and she felt hands pull her to her feet and lead her to where the sound of running water. One man stepped in front of her and started to kiss her mouth in slow languorous kisses running his hands along the round curves of her. He slowly led her into a shower where the warm water ran down their bodies. He bent over and started to lick the water running off her breasts. She moved her hands along him and felt the steel muscles move under her. Her hand went to his cock and encircled him to gently stroke him into firmness.

She felt the other man move up tight against her back and start kissing the back of her neck while he pressed his huge firm cock against her ass. His hands moved over her body and all she could feel was the sensation of hands and mouths tasting and touching her. She reached behind with her other hand and stroked them both feeling a primitive feminine power from grasping the hard swollen cocks teasing them into throbbing heat. The man in front gently lifted her by the hips and with a slow thrust entered her cunt. He didn’t move and she started to moan wanting the feel of him grinding in her.

A hand started slowly spread her ass cheeks apart and with one finger she felt him enter her probing her and lubricating her for entry. She tightened in response afraid of what was to happen. The hands never quit moving on her and the hard cock in her cunt had her aching for movement. Her legs were spread wider and she felt a hand guide the cock to her ass and slowly start to enter her. It was almost too much feeling them both inside her and she didn’t know if she could stand the sensations engulfing her.

Slowly they started to rock inside her back and forth one from the front and one from behind. She wasn’t able to do anything but feel the movement of cock against cock inside her. They were holding her tight between them and she felt their bodies start to move faster and thrust deeper as they were caught up in the sensation. She was moaning in response to their deep breathing lost in sensuous excitement knowing nothing more then the feel of the two men. Faster and faster they rocked inside her their moans mingling with hers only to come in a final frenzy of pumping hard inside her, their knees buckling, their orgasms mingling with hers in one final scream of pleasure.

None of them could move so they stood their locked in the embrace feeling the heat of their entwined bodies. She had never felt an orgasm so deep or sensations so intense. As their breathing returned to normal she felt herself slowly lowered to the floor. None of them moved apart and she felt gentle kisses along her neck and face.

Taking a sponge the men slowly soaped her body gently. They then helped her from the shower massaging her dry and wrapping her in a soft warm towel. She was again led to the bed where they gently lay her down and covered her with the sheet. She wanted so badly to remove the blindfold to see the source of the incredible pleasure she had just experienced. She whispered a quiet thank you but heard no response. Slowly she removed the blindfold and viewed the empty bedroom. They were gone taking with them the hands, mouths and bodies that had pleasured her.

She sank back into the pillow and turned to her side. She felt her body react to the exertions of the afternoon and with a smile sank into a slow deep sleep.

How are you? She heard. With a deep sigh she forced herself awake to see the concerned face of her friend close beside her. She looked at him intensely for a moment and she saw him frown. Was he one of them she thought? Did he come with a friend to enjoy me as much as I enjoyed them?

His frown deepened and she gave a small laugh. How was she to find out? She gave him a slow smile and watched his face grin back in relief. She reached up and grabbing the back of his head moved his mouth down on hers giving him a long slow kiss.

I am fine. She whispered. She looked at him with a question in her eyes. Was that the same mouth from earlier? Did she recognize the taste of those lips?

His smile at her revealed nothing and she could only smile back. Maybe later. Maybe later she would find out just what secrets he held. Their relationship had been friends but now she would need to know more. Later. For now she basked in his warm smile. Later she would dance in his arms. Later.

ZZ_Todd 60M

8/13/2006 9:35 am

Oh yeah... this is good! No, wait... I take that back. This is VERY GOOD!!! (I like it even better than some of my "Steamy Stories")

lustinlady3 59F

8/13/2006 11:18 am

Where can I find your steamy stories?? I would love to read them...

rm_xrahrny 66M
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8/29/2006 9:53 pm

i've read quite few of the "Kristen Stories" on the net but this story had them beat, easily

bobber8 60M

9/3/2006 10:14 am

You are totally HOT Lustinlady!! Steamy stuff oozes from your mind! You must be fun to be with!

rm_J_seattle41 55F

10/3/2006 9:54 am

Wow, I must say, I love this nice story of yours, it is intriguing, romantic, sensual, and most of all, I could visually see this happening, and I would so enjoy this happening, You truly know how to write a sexual fantacy.

thank you

lustinlady3 replies on 10/3/2006 5:07 pm:
thanks jamie..sometimes my imagination gets a little wild...but this sounded like fun when he asked me to write him a story about this.. then he asked me if I would do it.... still pondering....

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