Let's Get Honest Here  

lustcurious42 57F
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8/19/2006 9:53 pm

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Let's Get Honest Here

Let's get honest and have an honest conversation here. It's time I figured you men (ok, and women too) out. Let's talk about the games that men and women play in order to get sex. Let's talk about the dance. Let's tell each other how we dance.
And let's also tell about why we fall in love. Or why we don't. Do we ever think it will be or could be forever? Do you believe in soul mates? In spirtual connections?
Do you believe in happily ever after? Do you like to love em and leave em? Could you love someone and want to spend your life with them if the sex wasn't great?
Do you believe people can fall in love on-line without ever meeting? Have you ever had strong feelings for someone you hadn't yet met?

nightis 54M

8/20/2006 6:53 am

My Lusty, why don't you forward me $250,000 up front for my personal memoirs and I will begin this story! Seriously, I can't or won't write on my own blog right now, but you seem to be able to come up with an interesting muse a day!

We all have our personal likes and dislikes and AdultFriendFinder may or may not be the place to find them. When I first started here, I used the term "Looking for the girl next Door". I have expanded that a little, but recently I decided for chemistry reasons, to re include that statement. I can't help but be true to my roots. I am a "country gentleman".

Having said all that, I still enjoy the romance of hanging around a woman. That means we do a variety of things together. I realized that I can actually have sex with someone I don't like, but I am not that mechanical! I really have to enjoy their company to go window shopping with them! Having the combination of sex and friendship makes thing really amazing sexually. I understand, some don't see that.

Having the mix of great sex and an amazing relationship over the long term? I am just not so sure. I think that both of those things are temporary features. I am not sure how many marriages there are out there, where the two people adore each other and are wildly involved sexually! I know I never was as much as I tried to push my ex-wife.

Forever is one hell of a concept. In this day and age, life changes people so much that I believe the people, their minds, their philosophies, have to change as well. There is too much movement and insecurity for happily-ever-after in our north american society. So I guess no! People spending ten or twenty years together, happily and with good sex included? Possibly.

Personally, I will not allow myself to even have feelings for a person that I have not met. There are two women that I have met via AdultFriendFinder that I truly thought I had amazing chemistry with via our chat sessions. With both of them, we chatted for months before actually meeting. The chemistry was amazing! The first dropped me like a rock once we met. She said that I was the type that she would "Fall in love with rather than have a torrid affair with". Ouch...
The second I had an amazing relationship with that lasted several months.

I am not sure I understand the concept of "spiritual connections" so I won't go there. Maybe someone can try to explain that one to me. Is that the same as "chemistry"? I know my rather soft, gentle manner sparks affection in the women I spend time with, but I am really not interested in forever, maybe because I don't think it can happen.

As for the complete memoirs, my people will be in contact with yours!

Good Day!

lustcurious42 57F

8/20/2006 9:58 am

Nightis--I only asked for those that want to share their thoughts. It seems so funny how some people fall in "love" so easily to me. I wonder why it is that some of us, myself included, want love. I question my own ability to love just one person forever, yet I believe that I can. I want that one person to know that we will and can this middle and old age together, leaning on each other. I think about the other men I've dated, and even the one know. I wonder how many times people lead you on to tink there may be something more, when there is only now. You seem honest and straightforward in your approach which can only indicate that it's right for you, and I appreciate that. There are others out there though that have a tendency to talk about what you can do next week together when they know there is only tonight. I play a dance at times. My girlfriend and I used to go out and I'd bet here I could get a certain guy to our table in 10 minutes without ever saying a word to him. It was the game that I enjoyed. And I was just wondering what games are out there that some of us have played. I don't understand why you're not writing on your blog right now?

BlkNInsatiable2 49M

8/20/2006 10:08 am

With me, it is probably much more than I ca nput in a blog. I admit..I am a reformed romantic. I still believe in love...but that it is rare that love can be functional, romantic ADN last forever. The divorce rates, break up rates and infidelity rates supoort that hypothesis. I have bee nin love several times in my life and believe i have met my soulmate. I believe it is possible to have more than one soulmate. I just fee lthe odds are heavily stacked against finding that. part of the reason is expectations and how most go about meeting people. We all handle the newness well , but most tend to drift once the imperfections present themselves full bloom.

I could spend days on eacvh of the questions you asked. I could spend the rest of my life with someone I loved greatly and the sex wasn't great but i would definitely feel sometyhing is missing. Not sure how I would handle iot. i would like to say I would not cheat and more then likely i wouldn't but it's so much easier to sa ythat not being in that situation.

LustyTaurus 49M
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8/20/2006 12:58 pm

I don't think I can answer any of your questions with accuracy...emotions are so unpredictable.

goodatpoetry2 68M
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8/20/2006 10:25 pm

I had a six-month affair with someone over the computer who I didn't meat until long after it was over.
I wrote my poem, "If I were rich and beautiful" for her. SHE was, I WASN'T. So I ended the relationship.
You can fall "mostly" in love over the computer, i think.

lustcurious42 57F

8/21/2006 11:58 am

GoodatP--how sad that it could be ended because one might have more money than the other. Never assume that what you have to offer is not equal in value.

Mzhunyhole--I believe in happily ever after too!! I'm glad to see someone else does

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