The Pier  

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8/13/2006 4:18 pm

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The Pier

The night was hot, with no breeze to speak of. The only noises were the muffled rumblings of the party a few houses down, music interrupted by the laughter of guests. He had slipped away from the crowd to sit and watch the dwindling fireworks fall over the lake. Reds, blues, greens, like colorful stars falling to the water. The water was unusually calm, almost like glass, and the reflections of the lights seemed to reach up from the depths of the water as though meeting them to become one.
He sat on the pier, admiring the boat he had worked so hard to restore, bringing it's luster and glory back. Some of the laughter turned to whisper, he looked up just in time to see this fiery redhead, he had noticed from a distance at the party. She and a friend, both with long legs, and curviness silhouettes approached the pier. "Can we join you? The party was so loud, we just needed to get away." "Sure you can" he replies.
They move past him, to the boat, sitting on the edge. Both beautiful in their own right, he wanted them... both of them. As they talked and laughed, one of the girls asked him to take them for a ride. "Alright", he replies. They shove off of the pier, the girls excited like school girls, and him, proud as he sat at the wheel. The lake is all theirs, only the last few fireworks blazing through the sky to distract them. He stops in the middle of this glassy lake, the girls dive into the water, beckoning him to join them, he does. The water is warm and still. One of the girls swim to him, kissing him passionately. The water seems to heat up even more, or was that the intense heat coming from their bodies? The passion is so intense that he doesn't notice the other woman until she is kissing his neck, reaching around his waist, feeling his hardening cock. He responds to her by turning as this patient redhead watches, he kisses the friend, as deeply as the other. In a moment, the three are entwined in a passionate embrace... kissing, touching, caressing each other.
He pushes himself onto the boat's edge, the girls follow... the redhead tugs at his shorts, pulling them down his legs into the water. She kisses his thighs, moving upward, ever so slowly. The friend gently rubs her shoulders, back, breasts, as she begins to gently bite his balls. She is sucking them now, and he has lost all consciousness of what is around him... licking upward toward the tip of his cock very slowly, she feels it throbbing on her tongue and lips. Not being able to resist any longer, she takes it in her mouth and begins to suck gently as it slides in and out repeatedly... getting deeper with every thrust inward. He has lay ed back, letting her have all she wants, she wants it all...

gmandave1964 53M

8/14/2006 10:21 am

Enjoyed the stories. Very sexy, passionate and hot. Hope to read more. Keep up the writing.

rm_bwa1973 44M

8/16/2006 7:54 am

love the writing. keep up with the stories and if you need inspiration give me a ring. let's see what stories we can come up with.

dayplayer6906 66M
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11/20/2006 8:53 am

what a dream come true

rm_GirthGiver63 54M

12/16/2006 3:27 pm

I would like a chance to be with her. Maybe I could help her come up with some more good stories. lol

Jacksonslidell 63M

12/2/2008 1:50 pm

WOW, if you wanna be the redhead in this scenario, I am more than willing to be the guy! Anytime, just ask, you know where I am, just down the road, at the smiley place! JacksonnSlidell

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