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7/28/2006 7:12 am

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surreal fantasy

this is just a fantasy of mines....

its about 9.20am, saturday morning & i'm about to get into the shower. i woke up early cos last night was so warm; its made me all sticky and my hairs a mess, before i can get in and switch the shower on; the door buzzer goes. i look out and see a woman with a parcel so i let her in to the flat.

2 minutes later, shes at my door with that parcel saying its a special delivery, i haven't a clue what it is & i've never seen her before.

i let her in my flat so i can sign for it. i look inside and its nearly empty except for a note & a small wooden paddle. whilst i'm reading the note she suddenly takes off her clothes; i'm only letting her cos the note says "hi, this girl is yours for today, lets call it a 'special delivery' to you to have some adult fun with, love a friend".

so we go into my bedroom, and i ask her if there is anything she'd like me to do. "spank me,lurve, spank me". she kneels over on her knees with her bum in the air, tits dangling, wanting to be held and her hands on the bed post; "spank me now" she purrs; i don't need told twice so i spank her hard with the paddle, she screams with delight. this goes on for 5 minutes before she tells me she wants me to fuck her. so i do, firstly from behind, then i gently i turn her over onto her back and suckle on her nipples, before shagging her again. after a while of passionate love making with some foreplay throwen in, we lie close on the mattress and she says "would you like me to come back for more, lurve?" which to i reply "oh yeah, same time, same place, anytime you can"

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